Taking care of yourself is Godly

As a woman who works full-time, I understand the strains and stress of fulfilling all the duties in the home and at work. Sometimes in the daily grind, we are rushing around to take care of everyone else and neglect to take care of ourselves.

As women we are very hard on ourselves, trying to be "perfect" for everyone. We love ourselves in a twisted kind of way. We believe that loving yourself means go all out for everyone else and neglecting ourselves.

But why is it hard for many of us to do things for ourselves before we do for others?

I have personally learned that when I am depleted in my mind, body and spirit, it means I’m chasing after unrealistic expectations, feeding unhealthy habits, and giving my energy on roles that God has not assigned to me.

Life coach Harriette Cole once said, "As women, we are the ones who usually lead the way. But somehow we get from there to the idea that the world won't work if we don't help it along."

Some of us have a problem with taking care of ourselves because it just doesn't seem right for us. This is often because we have been taught to "deny" ourselves. On the one hand it is clear that God wants us to have abundant life, the kind of life that can come only when we pay attention to what we need and we take appropriate steps to respond. But on the other hand, we worry about Jesus' command to deny ourselves? What about taking up our cross? Dying to self? How do those texts fit into this picture?

Taking care of yourself is Godly


But what good is life on a thread? 

The Bible says, "Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed" (Luke 5:15-16). He knew how to take care of himself.

You can regenerate, refresh, restore when you care for yourself properly.  When you let everything else take precedence over your spiritual, mental and physical health you are operating as a machine. But because you are not a machine you are bound to crush, face down!

You also do people a disservice when you always allow your needs to come after theirs.

But when you take care of yourself it means you believe that you need love. You show yourself love when you accept responsibility for your happiness and joy, health and your whole life.

You can't be anything for anybody else unless you take care of yourself – Unknown

When you take care of yourself and enjoy your God given life, you are not being selfish, you are being responsible.

Your well-being is the most important thing in your life because your life isn’t about you.  Living a life of purpose, of generosity, caring and love is not also one of self-sacrifice to the point of martyrdom.  Truly giving to others comes from a place of overflow, not begrudging release.

It is from a place of wholeness that we are able to love others purely, not from a place of broken dependency or expectation.

Taking care of yourself is Godly.