Dear God: Thank you for going ahead of us to prepare a way

Dear God: Thank you for going ahead of us to prepare a way, so that when we catch up, greatness will occur.

It’s so easy to get frustrated while waiting on God.

But truth be told, more often than not we are not waiting on God.

He is waiting on us.

Think of God’s plan for us as an unlimited debit card.

Not credit that needs to be repaid.

If we don’t swipe the card and avail ourselves of the benefits, we will continue to wait.

What are we NOT doing that God is waiting on so he can RELEASE his debit card of blessings to us?

Have we put limits on God? Have we said in our head “I’m not going to ask God for that?”

Or how many times have we half-heartedly asked, not really expecting to receive?

What’s the point of having a debit card in the supermarket, with the ability to purchase ANYTHING you want and walk out empty-handed?

Faith requires WORK. It doesn’t mean to simply ask.

Are you READY for what God has already prepared for you?

Too many folks are waiting on God for money and not realizing the blessing of provision!

Are we like the widow of Zarepath?

When Elijah went to her and asked her to feed him, she said “we only have enough food for me and my son to eat and then die”.

Because God honored ELIJAH, she was blessed. Because she was OBEDIENT, she was blessed.

Notice that God gave an abundance.




No cash required.

But, even AFTER her food was replenished and needs met beyond measure, she CHALLENGED God.

Her son died.

And she asked Elijah if he had come to curse her!

The very woman who was in expectation of her son’s death before the Man of God caused her to be blessed.

Have we turned on God and his people when it got tough?

Do we forget the times that he has provided in our time of need?

The proof of the miracle of provision was still in her house, yet, she was angry at God.

And once again, God use Elijah. He brought her son back to life.

Again, she was blessed because of Elijah!

Here’s the thing: Some of us have been indirect recipients of the blessing of God.

We are swiping someone else’s debit card of unlimited blessings.

Today, I challenge you to GET YOUR OWN!

Unlimited blessings! No payment plan. No incurring debt.

But, are we ready for what God has prepared for us?

Has our pro vision shown us that all of our actions result in consequences?

What are we choosing to swipe the card for?

And what are we expecting to receive in return?

If we seek greatness, do we conduct ourselves with EXCELLENCY in EVERY area of our life?

We cannot ask God to set an elaborate table with filet mignon and show up to the table with plastic cutlery.

Are we ready?

What will you do differently today, to prepare for what you are asking God for?

Conduct yourself today as if you have already received God’s promises, because the truth is – they are waiting for you.

Become a vision pro so that you can excel in recognizing God’s provision for you.


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Dear God: Thank you for going ahead of us to prepare a waySuncera Johnson aka That Writing Chic is a freelance writer and former freelance producer and editor for MTV Networks.  A former freelance writer for Rolling Out Magazine . She is currently the CEO of   and the author . She loves the Lord. The rest of her time is spent with her family and writing, writing, writing, and more writing.