Dear God: Thank you for the ability, desire, and the discernment to seek out wise counsel.

Dear God: Thank you for the ability, desire, and the discernment to seek out wise counsel. I appreciate those in my circle of trust.

There are times when we need to SEEK answers to things that will move us forward in greatness.

Others times the answer is standing right in front of us.

But in some instances “two heads are better than one.”

Invest the time in vetting the people in your life.

Continually examine those who speak TO you and OVER you. KNOW. THE. DIFFERENCE.

Those who speak OVER your life have the ability to speak INTO your life.

Not everyone has earned that privilege. Why give it away so freely?

If you have not granted permission for anyone to speak OVER and INTO your life with authority I urge you to do two things:

1). Examine those who are currently attempting to do so. Deny, revoke access and establish appropriate boundaries to those undeserving.

2). Seek out and align yourself with those who can be trusted with the power of their words in your life.

Who should you grant access to speak OVER and INTO your life?

Who are your ideal influencers?


Those who will do these three key things:

1). Be completely honest with you.

2). Be completely honest with themselves.

3). Honor the words that God has ALREADY spoken over you.

Anyone else should only be speaking TO you.

They are gumbumpers who don’t have the chops to take a bite into your life.

We can’t allow people to speak recklessly over us and then wonder why we don’t have peace and joy.

Seek out genuine prayer warriors who eagerly enter into battle on your behalf.

How do you identify them?

1). God HEARS AND ANSWERS their prayers.

2). Their “answered” prayer is made equally manifest in the lives of OTHERS as well as their own.

3). They are humble in their gift and not drunk with power.

4). They intercede on behalf of others unprompted, absent of pomp and circumstance in private.

5). They do not boast in answered prayer. They glorify God in answered prayer.

6). They do not say the words “God told me to tell you” or “Thus saith the Lord” in attempts to manipulate you.

7). They acknowledge they are flawed and WILL struggle, since their MAIN desire is to please God.

8). Not every “word” they deliver is a revelation. God WILL use them to confirm ALOUD what he whispered in your heart privately.

And I personally believe the final two are the most important. It’s MY measure of whom to allow to speak OVER and INTO my life:

9). They are IMMERSED in the Word of God & BATHE in prayer. You CANNOT hear from God if you aren’t listening.

10). Someone is speaking OVER & INTO THEIR lives!

Trust me on this: When God gives you a dream, he WILL send you a team.

Don’t permit people to speak nightmares over your dreams.


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Dear God: Thank you for going ahead of us to prepare a waySuncera Johnson aka That Writing Chic is a freelance writer and former freelance producer and editor for MTV Networks.  A former freelance writer for Rolling Out Magazine . She is currently the CEO of   and the author . She loves the Lord. The rest of her time is spent with her family and writing, writing, writing, and more writing.