You Are Never Alone

We have all experienced loneliness.  Some of us have felt like no one cares or understands ... as though God is distant and unavailable. The sad part about life is that, sometimes, we can experience loneliness even when we're completely surrounded by people we love and who love us back. And despite their love for us we can feel disconnected, unreachable and as if they can’t hear us when we speak.

Loneliness can be increased by what you tell it or do with it. You can nurse it and remain lonely day in and day out or you can replace it with joy and hope through prayer, God’s Word and fellowship with other believers.

Thankfully Christians are NEVER alone and are NEVER without hope, because God is always there for us!

Enemies, friends, family and perhaps even relatives, may abandon us in the hour of our desperate need, but God will NEVER do that.

God never turns His head for a moment, never takes His eyes off of us. He is Immanuel-God with us. He is present with us right this very moment. Present literally means “facing”, meaning God is facing us always. His face is always turned toward us; He’s always making eye contact with us. He isn’t more present at one time as compared to another- He’s not more with you when you pray, or when you praise Him, or when you’re in church. No, He’s faithfully with you at all times.

You Are Not Alone


Yes, we need fellowship with people too. We are a community and nobody is ever alone. You can always trust that God will send you the right people at the right time. As people we are always connected in a wonderful way and whenever somebody is in need, people show up to help.

While technology is a wonderful thing and I recommend people take advantage of it, we need to remember it can never takes the place of the God in our lives. 

Even if you do not feel Him near, God is there. He promises to never leave you alone. Therefore, wherever you are, God is.

He is a very present help in times of trouble (see Psalm 46:1).  You Are Never Alone.


Dear Lord, I ask that you continually remind me through Your Holy Spirit that I am and always will be living under the constant stream of your love in Jesus name.