Mentoring: Yolanda Bam

Here is our interview with Yolanda Bam, owner of Lilizwi Skincare & Beauty Clinic Online. Yolanda is one of the many inspiring young businesses owners. Her  journeys is unique, and she offers insight into what it takes for a small business to flourish.

Inside Woman: Please share how you came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as the Saviour of your life?

Yolanda Bam: I grew up going everywhere with my mom and as a result we started attending a Church in an evangelical street ministry that was in the city centre of Mthata called Munitata building.  I was 8 years old and my mother received Christ and I followed in the same decision fully convicted I needed Jesus! I never looked back since then and I remember how I had an instant desire for His Word and to share it as a young child.

Inside Woman:  And how has He changed your life? 

Yolanda Bam: It is not an easy thing to get saved at a young age but it has proven to be the best thing. Growing up I was never silent about my Salvation. I made errors along the way but having Jesus as Lord of my life never allowed me to live a life of sin when I was tempted. The Holy Spirit always reminded me of God’s Word and all of Gods promises.  Salvation made me conscious of doing good for God, myself and others and in turn I was at peace.

Inside Woman:  What were the unfolding events that you led you to start Lilizwi Skincare & Beauty Clinic Online?

Yolanda Bam: I always knew what I was going to be from an early age.  I recall even when choosing my subjects in grade 9 I shared with my parents that I am going to have a skincare clinic with a hairsalon. So I studied towards this goal after matric and started it right after graduation.  It is a passion I have to make people beautiful and confident.

Inside Woman: How did you fund your business? 

Yolanda Bam: My business was funded by my father who gave me a startup capital. I received the rest of the funding for marketing, branding the business and buying more equipment from funding from NYDA and SEDA.

Inside Woman: How important is a formal education in running this kind of business? 

Yolanda Bam:  The skin, health and beauty industry demands that one enroll for a course to study the human anatomy, cosmetic science, body treatments and beauty treatments. There are many options to choose from a short term course to three years full course. I enrolled for the three years course. I had to write two examination boards and do practicals to obtain my diplomas in skin and aesthetics - one being CIDESCO an international diploma and the other a national diploma called SAAHSP.

Inside Woman: Why did you think you will succeed when the stats say entrepreneurs don’t succeed?

Yolanda Bam: When I began my business in November 2009, there were only two black owned registered skin clinics in Eastern Cape, and I became the third one. I knew that with Gods favour and with little competition I had a fair chance to grow in the industry.

Inside Woman:  What does Lilizwi Skincare & Beauty Clinic Online offer that makes it stand out compared to other salons? 

Yolanda Bam: It is a combination of a aesthetic centre/ spa and a hair salon. We only work by appointment only and we give each one of our clients a full spa experience of our services.

Mentoring: Yolanda Bam


Inside Woman:  What is the most enjoyable part of your job? 

Yolanda Bam: Working with people, interacting with them and seeing their satisfaction after we have rendered a great service is satisfying. Women appreciate being made beautiful.

Inside Woman: So what’s the one thing you wish you’d known when you started?

Yolanda Bam: Success does not come over night. A lot of work and re-investment must be made into the business before you can start gunning for personal succes! The first succes in business is making your brand independently known!

Inside Woman: Do you have a mentor and what role do they play in your life? 

Yolanda Bam: Yes I do I have many mentors. I draw advise from my mentors and I put to use their advice to ensure that I do not end up making the same mistakes they made.

Inside Woman: What is your number one goal for your customers to achieve after visiting Lilizwi Skincare & Beauty Clinic Online? What will make your customers come back time and time again? 

Yolanda Bam: We aim to offer quality and uphold the highest standard of service in our industry! Our customers must always say:" WOW! What else can I do and when?"

Inside Woman: Given today hectic lifestyle where one is always stressed - what specific services and therapies do you suggest are perfect to rejuvenate oneself?

Yolanda Bam: Human touch is the most healing therapy on earth so we always suggest one treats themselves to a body massage of which there are many types of treatments,  e.g. swedish deep tissue, aromatherapy, hotstone etc . We also recommend that you add a pedicure and facial at least once a month and to those who can have the time should at least do it every two weeks.

Inside Woman: For a lot of women it’s hard to take time off work or away from the family to do something for themselves. Do you have any treatments that are quick and easy, but have long-lasting results?

Yolanda Bam: Yes we have express services such as a shoulder and neck massage which relieves neck and shoulder tension, and express footmassage which relieves major body nerves. Both are 30 minutes long.

Inside Woman: How does your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ play a part in helping you deal with setback and the “hard knocks” of life?

Yolanda Bam: I am blessed because I am also in ministry so I always make sure that I have prayed. I always immerse my mind and focus on God’s Word daily and speak faith! I do not allow anything that life throws at me to change my confession of faith in the Lord or to steal my joy! I keep joy because the joy of the Lord is my strength!

Mentoring: Yolanda Bam

Inside Woman: What advice would you give to other up and coming entrepreneurs?

Yolanda Bam: I would advise every woman to aim to be the best in their field by studying and getting all the assistance they can get from government institutions to grow their businesses; and never to doubt Gods abilities to bless them to be a success. In Him we can do all things!

Inside Woman: How do we contact you? 

Yolanda Bam: Lilizwi Skincare Clinic and Hairsalon is physically located at 45a Tennyson Street , Quigney,  East London


Cell: 079 776 7737