If God be for us, who can be against us

Our world is broken and the worst sort of things can happen. There are things so ugly that we dare not speak them out loud. Why do the righteous suffer? Where is the good and loving God when His faithful people endure hardships?

But if God is our Rock then we can't be rocked!

When something terribly wrong begins to unfold, it feels like swirling, unpredictable currents of foulness.  Wherever they pass darkness falls.

When the circumstances of our life don’t always look like an all-powerful God is taking good care of us, we are all tempted at times to wonder: Is God's mind tuned to my heart-cry...my need? Is His eye focused on me now...on my present situation? Will God's hand reach my way...to cover me—in time?

With the right foundation, perspective and path forward we can see the truth: God is good all the time, no matter how terrible or painful present circumstances seem.

If God be for us, who can be against us


We know tragedy strikes, bad things happen. And when they do, there is no way to undo what’s been done. But there is deepening, strengthening, and growth  for us in God.

We know that no matter how much lies seem to suggest otherwise, God is GOOD. If all the ugly broke open and spilled all over your life, your life would change, but God would not.

The problems in our lives are God’s way of taking the spotlight into His hands and rewriting the script to show a glimpse of His greatness.

When peace is elusive cling to just this one piece of truth: God is good!
God has always been good and He will always be.

When we are tempted to doubt, when we are afraid, when our hope is fading- Lord- renew us with this promise - If God be for us, who can be against us!" (Romans 8:31). Let it soak down deep within our souls- and bolster us up in the daily battles we face in Jesus name.