Dear God: Speak to our hearts

Dear God: Speak to our hearts, whisper words of discernment in our ears & infuse our spirits with power.

How is your heart health?

“Out of the heart’s abundance the mouth speaks.”

What is your heart saying?

We often associate our heart with emotions, particularly those of love and hate.

But the heart is the core of all things we speak.

Since our words hold tremendous power, we need to check our heart.

The heart is home to our deepest desires, unspoken thoughts & secrets beyond measure.

It may be evidenced in what we say, how we say it or when & where we say it, but our heart will eventually manifest in our speech.

What have you been talking about?

Is it in line with your deepest desires?

Have you found yourself saying things that you regret?

Do you feel your speech has misrepresented you?


Are you suddenly aware that you have spoken powerful words that negatively impact your future?

Check your heart.

Just as God hardened & softened Pharaoh’s heart, he can remold yours as well.

When your heart has become hardened to the point of ungratefulness, ask God to send you a mirror.

When you feel like you haven’t made any progress, and your heart is constantly sighing, ask God to send you a mirror.

A mirror is someone that is a reflection of a major life obstacle that you have overcome.

Ask for the mirror to help your heart.

To see someone who is currently going through something that God delivered you from has the potential to improve your heart health.

What can a mirror do?

1). Usher a spirit of unparalleled gratefulness into your heart when you realize the reflection of how far you’ve come.

2). Instill hope as you help mold another heart by transparently sharing your testimony & sharing how they can do it as well.

3). Provide a chance for you to have a heartfelt moment of rejoicing speaking God’s grace.

Check your heart to improve what you say.

Words have power. Your heart holds the key, ask for a mirror to unlock it.

Clear the clutter from your heart so that the abundance of words which flow will result in a legacy of blessings.

And one day, when you look in the mirror, the reflection of you will be enough to remind of you how to help your heart.

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Dear God: Speak to our heartsSuncera Johnson aka That Writing Chic is a freelance writer and former freelance producer and editor for MTV Networks.  A former freelance writer for Rolling Out Magazine . She is currently the CEO of   and the author . She loves the Lord. The rest of her time is spent with her family and writing, writing, writing, and more writing.