Best month ever for Table Mountain Cableway

The Cableway experienced its busiest month ever in December 2013 with a record-breaking 120 318 visitors summiting Table Mountain on the gondola.

Sabine Lehmann, Managing Director of Table Mountain Cableway Company, attributed the record number of visitors to the excellent weather conditions and the Cableway’s efforts to raise Table Mountains profile around the globe.

“Great weather conditions in December meant we could operate 72% of the time and we did 2 848 trips over the festive season. But our success in being named a New 7 Wonder of Nature in 2011 continues to generate enormous interest from international and domestic visitors.”

In order to cope with the anticipated crowds eager to sign up for one of Cape Town’s most-visited tourist destinations, Cableway employed 131 contract staff to work alongside its 159 permanent staff. The company had a full team working across two shifts, seven days a week, and a third shift working at night to bring down waste and to replenish water. They worked on public holidays and ensured that Cableway recycled 365 days of the year.


Increased visitor number means more mess to manage on the mountain and during the week of December 23 to 30 alone, Table Mountain Cableway despatched three tons of waste to a landfill site and transported 75 000 litres of sewage from the mountain.

A staggering 4500kg of material was diverted back into the system for reuse including 900kg cardboard, 600kg glass, 350 kg tin cans, 1650kg plastic and 1000kg paper.

Visitors play their part by packaging their purchases in 3000 environmentally friendly paper bags – which goes a long way toward reducing plastic litter on the mountain.

The previous record month, since the Cableway opened in 1929, was December 2012, when 117 785 visitors were recorded. The Cableway operates weather permitting. Contact or (021) 424 8181.