Top ten tips to save this Christmas

As Christmas comes around once again, it’s a great chance to rework how we finance the festivities. But listen up: This year can be different. You don't have to spend a lot to have a meaningful celebration.

Here are top ten tips to save this Christmas

Have your family hold you accountable
Get your family involved and help them understand that family matters more than gifts.

Have a budget and stick to it

Holiday spending can easily get out of hand, but it doesn’t have to! Just stay focused on your own budget.

Shop early

Do not wait until the very last minute to buy presents or you may end up overspending or buying items you did not plan to.


Get creative

Handmade gifts can be a special treat in this age of store-bought presents.

Manage your time at the stores

The longer you linger in a store, the more money you’ll probably spend. To avoid impulse purchases, set a time limit before you hit up the mall to hunt for gifts. Then keep an eye on your watch while you browse.

Top ten tips to save this Christmas


Give food as gifts 
Food is one of the most inexpensive gifts you can give, and homemade treats are always well-received.

Do you best to pay cash for everything you are buying

Take out a specific sum of money for the week and only make purchases paid for with cash -- not on a credit card.

Cook the favourites

Focus on having a lot of what people really love to eat, and skip the dishes that always seem to get passed over to avoid wasted food (and money).

Shop With a List

Whether you’re shopping for groceries for Thanksgiving or gifts for the family, go with a list in hand to avoid buying unnecessary items and going over budget.


The whole point of Christmas is to celebrate the Gift of God, Jesus. Go through your wardrobe and set aside unwanted or unused items. You can give this to organisations such as Hands of Compassion or to someone who will need those clothes.

Christmas has never been about spending money but about spreading happiness and most importantly, remember that Christmas is the day for remembering our Lord Jesus Christ.