How you rest at Jesus' feet will determine how you serve

Are you tired? Burned out? Experiencing spiritual exhaustion?  We have all experienced it or if you haven’t you are going too.

The reason being that we get so busy doing the will of God that we neglect our relationship with God and slip out of His warm embrace.

Rest in God is what brings structure and order to your life, and defines how well you serve when you stop resting.

But for most of us  seating at the feet of Jesus and enjoying His love seems self-indulgent. We always feel compelled to slip out of His embrace and run errands for Him.

Yet if we had the audience of a natural king we will sit at their presence and suck everything out of them.

But when God visits us, like He did Martha, we believe that slaving in the kitchen is the right thing to do.

Yet we can’t function without resting at His feet.

The false notion that service could buy God’s approval might increase our motivation, but heaven will not allow that. Nothing is more important to God than our spiritual well-being.

If Father God wanted slaves he could have created the entire human race to serve him. Yet, He made us for His own pleasure to live in harmony with Him – mind, body and soul.

How you rest at Jesus' feet will determine how you serve


The quality of rest defines our movement. How you rest at Jesus' feet will determine how you serve Him and others.

We can only give to others what we have first received from above. Resting in God’s presence enables us to receive.

God sometimes withholds opportunities in life so we may learn it that it is not our labour or our diligence or our usefulness that makes us precious to Him. Otherwise, we will always be in too much of a frenzy to hear Him.

What tragedies He saves us from!


Jesus spent more time in quietness, communing with His Father, than doing ministry.  The secret to His power was in His quiet time alone with the Father.

Time away with God brings renewal, refreshment and restoration.

What are you going to do?

Pray:  God don’t give me the strength to keep going but give me the strength to quit!

And as you  rest in Him you will earn to dance to the unforced rhythms of Grace.