Heart to Heart: Dr Shaurice Mullins

Dr Shaurice Mullins is a phenomenal woman of God. Her maturity is a witness of God’s goodness and mercy in her life. She didn't have it easy, but through it all she has learned to trust in the comfort of God and His Word. Her ministry teaches women what it means to have godly standards and that their worth is found in Christ alone. Were are inspired by her life and of course… her love for Jesus.  Here is our heart to heart interview with her. 

Inside Woman: What was the defining moment or experience that brought you to the realisation that you need Jesus Christ as Lord of your life?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: As a child being raised in a Pentecostal Holiness Church, I have always had a special relationship with Christ. I have always been taught to turn to Christ.  As I continue in my relationship with Christ, I am still learning that all of the trials and tribulations that come and continue to come my way are helping to shape me into the “Processed Woman” God means for me to be.

Inside Woman: How has that relationship shaped your life?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: My relationship with Christ has totally changed my life. I have grown mentally and emotionally because of my relationship with Christ. He paid the price for my freedom and I walk in this freedom every day!

Inside Woman: What’s been the most important learning experience in your Christian walk, and what lessons did you take from it?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: For many years I lived my life afraid to be the woman that God called me to be. I worried more about what others said about me and focused very little on what God said about me. Now, I do just the opposite! People are going to talk. No matter what you do or how much you love the Lord, everyone is not going to like you.  I had to learn to stop seeking the approval of people and seek to please God in my everyday walk. This has been one of the most valuable lessons I have learned and it has carried me far in my walk with Christ.

Inside Woman: Was there ever a time when you felt your faith slipping a little, when it looked and how did you allow God to help you back up again? 

Dr Shaurice Mullins:Yes. I can still remember that point in my life just like it was yesterday. I was going through what I like to call my own personal “Job Experience”. I was going through a divorce, dealing with the death of my closest friend, a failing business due to the market crash, the loss of all of my personal and business assets, my finances were totally depleted, and my five children were being separated due to the divorce. I was feeling overwhelmed to say the least. But God has always had a great track record with me. When I had nothing, He was there. When I had no one to turn to, He was there. When there was no one to lead and guide me, He was right there. So during those tough moments, I rested in His Word which tells me that He would never leave me nor forsake me.  I reminded myself of His love, kindness, and faithfulness toward me. And I knew if He could deliver me before, He would do it again.

Inside woman: What inspires you to continue living a life that honours Jesus Christ daily? 

Dr Shaurice Mullins: I have a sincere desire to please God. I do not believe that my life is my own. I desire to be an example to other women. To motivate, inspire, and empower them on a daily basis. Therefore, I strive to live a life that will give God the glory and that will bless others.

Inside Woman: In your own words, define God’s love?
Dr Shaurice Mullins: God’s love is truly unconditional. It is amazing how much He loves us. He looks beyond our faults and sees our needs. His unforgiving love is the readily available to us every day in every way. It is the one thing we can truly count on.

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Inside Woman: How can we show people that God loves them? How do we become Christ like in our walk with others?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: In order to show people the love of God we have to first be able to see them the way God sees them. God is merciful, compassionate, and understanding. Having a judgemental attitude towards others will never win them over. In our daily walk we should show love, kindness, and understanding just as God is towards us. We should never be so quick to judge others. We must remember that there was a time in our life when we had to go through certain “processes”. Others will also have to do the same in order to grow and evolve into the individual God meant for them to be.

Inside Woman: What is that you struggled with as a young woman growing up?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: As a young woman, I suffered from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence.  Being accepted by others was very important to me.

Inside Woman: Looking back now, what would you tell your younger self?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: I would tell my younger self that rejection is a part of life. People are going to talk. There is nothing you can do about it. People are going to judge you, whether they know you or not. It is not what people say about you, it is what you actually believe about yourself.   I would tell my younger self, to love and accept yourself for the person who God created you to be because you are never going to really know how to love others until you truly love yourself.

Inside woman: What is the one challenge that you see women faced with today?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: Today, so many women suffer from an identity crisis. Many women have bought into the visions and ideals of others instead of their own God-given purpose. I often say, fulfilling your destiny is YOUR responsibility, not someone else’s. We should strive daily to be all that we were meant to be, not what others want us to be. Because many women lack the confidence and boldness to step out and be different, it is easy for them to conform into what others want them to be. We as women should focus on offering the world more of the REAL us. Every woman has been fearfully and wonderfully made. God made her who she is. Therefore; she has something unique to offer the world. Every woman should strive to see her own vision and goals become realities.

Inside Woman: Can you tell us about two women in your life who have played an important role and what roles they played?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: The number of women who have influenced my life could not be limited to only two. I have been blessed by many awesome women while on this journey we call life. Each of these awesome women has been chosen to do extraordinary things.

Inside Woman: What is the best piece of advice you have been given about being a godly woman?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: It is very important to be a woman of integrity. Having integrity in all you do prevents your character from being called into question. It should be considered an honour to be known as a woman of integrity.

Inside Woman: Why do you think it’s important it to have the support of matured Christian women surrounding you?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: It has been said that experience is the best teacher. This can be true, but it does not always have to be the case. Mature Christian Women are important because there is much to learn from their experiences. Knowledge and insight is gained through wisdom and maturity. It is a blessing to be able to glean from such knowledge.

Inside Woman:  Why do you think God allows us to fail in life as His children?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: It is never the desire of God that we fail at anything in life. He only wants the best for us and and expects the best from us. However, it is His desire that we learn from every challenge we face. The things we go through in life are not designed to break us, but rather to make us wiser and stronger in our walk with God.
Inside Woman: What has been your biggest challenge in pursuing your God given dreams?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: My biggest challenge has been overcoming the fear of failure. I had to learn that failure is only an illusion that every woman can overcome with focus and determination.  You only fail if you give up. It all depends on your perception. If you learn the lesson from the situation, you have not failed. You will be able to build upon the knowledge you have learned. You are then able to go back to the drawing board, start again, and do it bigger and better than ever before!

Inside Woman: What is your message to women who feel uncertain to what their God-given purpose is?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: Seek God and follow YOUR passions. We will find our God-given purpose in the things we are most passionate about. This can only be done if we clear our minds of the expectations of others and have what I like to call a “keeping it real” moment with ourselves. What drives you? What motivates you? What are the things you love doing that add value to your life and the lives of others? Once you have identified these things, do all within your power to make these things a reality. After you have done all you can; leave the rest to God. God has a way of blessing us to be in the right place, at the right time, to meet the right people to push us forward.

Inside Woman: There may be some people who've already begun to pursue a God-given dream, yet maybe have hit times where the purpose seems purposeless and fruitless. What do you say to them?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: Against all odds, stand on the Word of God. Stand on what God has said about you and do not allow doubt, fear, or worry to overtake you. In due season, you will reap if you do not faint. I personally know how hard it can be to continue to pursue a dream that seems as if it will never become a reality. But remember that faith is not believing that God is able; it is KNOWING that He will do what He said He will do! Heart to Heart: Dr Shaurice Mullins

Inside Woman: For the Christian women who are on the edge of burnout, what hope would you offer them today?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: Stand. Do not get weary in well doing. Seek God and He will answer. God will send you the people you need. He will send people who will love, inspire, motivate, and empower you with the tools you need to continue on in the vision He has given you.

Inside Woman: What do you say to people who are far from God, people struggling with their faith?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: God rewards those who diligently seek Him. I often encourage people who are struggling with their faith to seek God and surround themselves with positive people. It is good to surround yourself with people who are doing the things that they desire to do in life. By watching and learning from others who are stronger in faith, your faith can be increased. You are then able to see the manifestations of blessings in the lives of others. This does something for a person mentally and spiritually. Seeing God do things in the lives of others causes your faith to be increased. You begin to realise that God did it for them, and is able to do the same for you.

Inside Woman: How do you as a life coach help Christian women to live out their God given dreams?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: My One-on-One Coaching programs, Keys to the Kingdom Principle of Success Seminars, and Keys to the Kingdom Training and Coaching Certification Classes, are all designed to empower women to lead strong, mature, victorious, and purpose driven lives. It is my mission to enlighten every woman I encounter with the knowledge of her God-given power and authority, that she may gain the strength to fulfill her God-given purpose and be inspired to walk her own authentic journey.

Inside Woman: A lot of women tend to doubt themselves, what can they can do to cultivate a God given confidence?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: Stay focused.  Do not allow yourself to become distracted by negativity. And above all, read your positive material every day. This includes the Bible as well as other books that will empower you, keep you focused and motivated.

Inside Woman: What if a woman hears from God about starting a ministry, but her spiritual parent(s) isn’t behind her–doesn’t support her. Should she press forward?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: I do believe that having a spiritual covering is very important. For those of us who are blessed to have good spiritual covering we should thank God for that. Confident leaders inspire and release us when it is our season to go forward in ministry. I think that we should trust the voice of God through our leadership.  Not only does it take time to become a “Processed Woman”, it is also a processing side of ministry. Although you are called to do a thing, it does not necessarily mean you are ready to go forward. Embrace the maturing process, do not rush it.

Inside Woman: The greatest endangerment to our Churches today is the instant gratification attitude? So many women want the platform.

Dr Shaurice Mullins: Ecclesiastes 3:1 states: “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven”. There is no need to rush and do anything out of season because it will not last. But when it is your season, nothing will be able to stop it. A mature woman understands this and is in no hurry to try to prove anything to anyone. She is more interested in pleasing God.

Inside Woman: What are you currently working on?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: I am about to start my book tour for my newly released book, “The Processed Woman: Your Purpose is on the Other Side!” I am also currently working on the finishing touches of my second book. It was written many years ago, and since then God has taught me so much. It is my desire to release material that will truly be a blessing to women worldwide.

Inside Woman: Being single is...?

Dr Shaurice Mullins: I have no regrets, so being single has been a terrific experience for me. I have found my true identity and discovered who I truly am. I love me and all that God has done for me and through me.

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