Why I love Being a Woman

Why I love being a woman?  That is the question that I had asked various women. We are different and we defy pidgeon-holeing.

We are mysterious. We are creative. We are powerful. We are nurturing. We are warriors. We are defenders of the weak. We are lovers.  We BELONG to God. 

In spite of the challenges and the occasional dismissal because of my gender, I treasure being a woman. It is an amazing privilege. For me, it is my great honor to reflect God’s glory in all that it means to be me. I must embrace my womanhood in order to do that in order to truly love God and my neighbor with all that I am.

Here is why other women love being women: 

Why I love being a woman.I am wonderfully and fearfully made, when God made me He was just showing off His creativity! I am not a size zero or what the world considers beautiful.

I have curves, I am not tall or slender nor do I have a flat stomach. I have scars and shortcomings. I was created for a purpose, I am a woman of character and integrity, I am humble, confident, kind, loving, courageous, patient and strong within... I sometimes find it hard being a woman, you are expected to think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young lady and work like a horse.

But I love and embrace it all. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not and make no apologies for the way I am. I am perfect and created in the image of God! I love being a WOMAN!!!

~ Chrissy Mpumie

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Why I love being a woman

The fact that women are so different from men makes them special. Like the fact that a little girl develops bigger breasts and hips , just to prepare her to grow into a woman who will be able to carry, give birth and nurse a baby into growth. That for me tells me they are cut out to be able to bear it all.

That amazing strength they have , is more a birth right and blessing.  Women have the patience to teach and nurture. They can multitask . Their softer nurturing side makes them unique in understanding human capital in the workplace. Women can articulate their feelings with ease.

They know how to express themselves. Being a woman is fun. We can enhance our features with makeup and do so much more with our hair. We are special, we smell special and indeed are the roses amongst the thorns

~ Blessing Hlogi Ramodisa

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Why I love being a woman

The essence which I possess which are strength, virtue and beauty make me love being a woman.  As a woman I can multi task and make it seem so easy.

I am love; every thread in my body was manufactured with unconditional love. I am a beautiful gem inward and outwardly, knowing the Lord took His time to manufacture me in the way you see the different curves I possess.

I can carry life and bring it forth both in the physical and spiritual sense.

I've been told that a woman has enough influence to bring down Kingdoms but knowing I will use it to build Kingdoms

~ Malebo Gololo


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Why I love being a woman As a woman I hold a special place in God's heart and remember it is through a woman that Christ Jesus came to this earth.

Who could carry a child for 9 months?  This means God trusts me with life and much greater things hence we see women trudging through everyday life and triumphing over seemingly unbeatable odds.

I am strong  and when they try to break me I remain powerful and passionate. I make a difference in my everyday relationships. I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

I am an exceptional woman with exceptional challenges and I have an exceptional God. I stand tall in the midst of all adversity. I have authority to speak over situations and change things in Jesus Mighty Name. I love it

~ Nke Serobe

So when you see your sister going for hers let it inspire you .... To do you. Happy Women's Day