Mentoring: Wandile Ndaba

Wandile Ndaba is an exceptional woman with exceptional gifts. She believes every woman should be confident in who she is and deposit that confidence and love every where she goes. Here she talks to us about her company Pink Luxury Lifestyle, which is geared at improving the lives of women.

Inside Woman: Please share how you came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as the Saviour of your life?

Wandile Ndaba: For many years I have known God. I grew up in a Church environment and I had to go to Church every Sunday. My connection with God has always been active, but of course like many other Christians the tests came and many times I became a victim of the world and would back slide. The most difficult times left me emotionally lacking, because I had not fully understood the power I could have as a woman of God vs what the world had offered me. My true self and the need to fulfill my purpose as a woman of God came to me a few years ago, when God brought me down from my pedestal. I had almost lost my sight. Doctors had told me that I had a retinal detachment on my left eye, an injury that had doctors questioning why it happened to me considering that I had not been involved in a car accident nor had I been in any boxing match.  Well in the months following, I sat at home recovering, reviewing, regretting and God revealed Himself to me. I started repenting and at that point my journey with God began.

Inside Woman: How did the idea for Pink Luxury Lifestyle come about?

Wandile Ndaba: Pink Luxury Lifestyle was formed on the basis of my experiences and passion to see others smile. I have always been fueled by passion, love and BIG ideas. My experiences are my greatest lessons and have qualified me to remain accepting of my strengths and curiosity about life. Having experienced a challenging upbringing, I felt the need to change this and the only way I knew how is by using my struggles and lessons in my own life to aid other girls and women. Pink Luxury Lifestyle is a testimony of what true value means and this is something every woman should know and understand about themselves. Pink Luxury Lifestyle was born and founded to help dreams come true, to create strong leaders, mindsets and experiences through various lifestyle platforms and experiences.

Inside Woman: Please tell us a bit more about your company and your role in the company today?

Wandile Ndaba: We all have the power to achieve the best, if we’ll allow it to unfold. Every woman is unique, sophisticated and giving but almost never gives herself the things she gives to others. The purpose of Pink Luxury Lifestyle is to empower, inspire, honour and create through all our experiences the ultimate luxurious memories. We are their resource of furthering and advancing luxury in their lives. With creativity and conviction, power and persuasion, we are reinventing the notion of luxury. This means that women can take control of their lives by setting their own agendas, gaining skills or having their own skills and knowledge recognised. This in turn will increase their self-confidence, their ability to solve problems and they will develop self-reliance. It is both a process and an outcome that can be achieved.

Inside Woman:  What part of your background prepared you for this venture?

Wandile Ndaba: Created by a combination of experience, purpose and passion to create, I found my inspiration in my own life. Directing my steps as God has led me, inspired me to help improve the lives of those women needing change. Having worked in the events world for a number of years helps me to enjoy this journey immensely.

Inside Woman: So what’s the one thing you wish you’d known when you started?

Wandile Ndaba: I wish I started a long time ago. I truly get a lot of fulfillment from this and if I had known that studying Sports Management was a waste of time (lol), I could have helped a lot of women to achieve greatness and achieve success in their lives.

Inside Woman: How did you decide is a good idea to implement? Most people stop because they think their idea will never make enough money.

Wandile Ndaba: Foundations determine the pattern of the building and If money stops you from pursuing your dreams and fulfilling your desire to run a successful business, then it wasn’t the right dream from the start. Anything that is done without passionate is easy to desert. God has blessed me with this gift. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. So I’ve remained confident that this would be successful no matter what challenges I face.

Inside Woman: What are the three key things you need to be a successful entrepreneur?

Wandile Ndaba: Passion, stamina and be result-driven.


Inside Woman: Why did you choose entrepreneurship?

Wandile Ndaba: I have all the above – passion, stamina and I’m result driven, lol. Seriously,  I was born for this. I did not choose this, it chose me. It was always in God’s plans for my life. I tried other lines of business, but they didn't work out too well. And the one thing I know for certain is that I've always been passionate about motivating and inspiring change in others. My friends can attest to this. It wasn't until I realised my true power that I considered turning it into a source of income. And the creative in me, wasn't going to be left dead. So my events background gave birth to the experiential events. This way I could still remain creative and leave a lasting impression.

Inside Woman: What are some of the challenges that you had faced starting Pink Luxury Lifestyle?

Wandile Ndaba: Challenges are many in the business world. Mine have been finance and certainly getting my business off the ground. I've learned that networking is one way of mingling, learning and getting my business out there. Social networks are also a great platform that every business should be using.

Inside Woman: What is the one lesson that you have learned about yourself during this journey?

Wandile Ndaba: I am strong, able and can do more than I ever thought possible. I've grown closer to God. Humbling myself has been empowering. I've become tougher and more adventurous in my thinking, planning and implementing. When one is an entrepreneur you become your business. At times I wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea or at times whilst I’m driving inspiration will kick in. So you really do become caught up in growing, nurturing and loving the business. It becomes your baby and every step becomes a milestone of success.

Inside Woman: What has this journey taught you about following your dreams?

Wandile Ndaba: To always allow myself to push and conquer all. All the things I’d thought I was never capable of doing, I am doing today. I never thought I’d ever publish an ebook or even write a blog, but hey guess what…I am. Personal development can always be fun. If we all keep developing ourselves we’ll see meaningful changes, and the journey will be truly enjoyable. Optimism truly maximizes potential.

Inside Woman: How has the journey been so far? Opportunities it has given you?

Wandile Ndaba: The moment you pray, God sets things into motion. He sets things on the right path. Things that I was not looking for He brought to me. I’m not only growing in my business but personally I’ve been come an achiever and hard worker. The business is teaching me the good and the bad. I’ve lost money and gained money. That’s when I knew that I was really running my own business. I have no boss to run to, to hand over the problem to. I always have to pick myself up and recover from the loss.

Mentoring: Wandile Ndaba


Inside Woman: What are the necessary ingredients you think one needs to able to start a business in the university or making it successful?

Wandile Ndaba: There’s no recipe to starting a business.  No set rules. If that was true everyone would get the ingredients and start cooking the best business known to them. What you need is an idea, work on it, and seriously work on it and make it a success. I grew up in the township and would see old lady selling sweets to us young kids. Getting from one point to another required one to take a taxi. Every area in the township had a corner shop that was ran by someone dad. So think about it, these were all businesses. Where did the ideas come from? Was there a formula they followed?

I say find what you love, pray about it and get going. Get as much help as you can, by finding a mentor who can help you grow your business. If you stick to it, you’ll love it and make it work.

Inside Woman: What are the most crucial things that you have done to grow your business?

Wandile Ndaba: I've taken calculated risks by trying innovative ways, being different in my niche. This has allowed me to stand out as a business. Pink Luxury Lifestyle has a heart; I give back love through experiential events in every woman’s life. Every woman is powerful and should definitely know this.

Inside Woman: What would you say has been the highlight of your entrepreneurial journey so far?

Wandile Ndaba: Becoming an entrepreneur has been the highlight. Finding what I love to do and embracing it fully has brought me confidence and a craving for more of this success juice. And every morning I pour myself a glass of it, as I anticipate the birth of my vision. I’m a creative person and every moment I experience this creative moment I get an adrenaline rush.

Inside Woman: What three pieces of advice would you offer entrepreneurs starting out today?

Wandile Ndaba: Go for it!

Inside Woman:  What sorts of advice do you having for entrepreneurs looking to raise money for their startups?

Wandile Ndaba: Try and come up with ways that you can offer a service that you’ll get paid for. Offer to work as a freelancer and use the skills you have to build on your finance for your business. I’m not too big on business loans. Even in my personal life, I only ever owned a clothing account when I was in tertiary. And that was the end of it. If you can help it, try and avoid debt. Go online and search for grants that government has made available for SMME’s. Find an angel investor. Or like the rest of us, be aggressive in the way you market your business. Don’t look for big jobs only. The small projects are just as good and might lead to that big client.

Inside Woman: Who is your role model or mentor and what role do they play in your life?

Wandile Ndaba: My role model is my partner. He’s my greatest advisor and I thank God for allowing this brilliant life in my life. He is an intellect. Seeing him work hard, he’s inspired me to push for what I want.  He’s an optimist. He’s a faithful believer in the Almighty and he loves success. He is always in control. He sees a dead deal long before it dies. He doesn’t allow emotions to control him. He does business even with his enemies.

Inside Woman: What should we be expecting from yourself for 2013?

Wandile Ndaba: Pink Luxury Lifestyle is a brand for all women. And as we all know that when a woman is empowered she can do great things. This year Pink Luxury Lifestyle will be increasing every woman’s voices in decision-making, leadership, and peace-building efforts by creating events, experiences and workshops for women from all walks of life.  We want to become established as the community’s business networking event and in turn to leave a legacy for the business community to develop and strengthen its ties as a community. I am interested in building solid relationships with companies whose vision is to align their brands with consumers through experiential marketing. And to provide a platform for women to communicate strong powerful messages.  And to also provide equal opportunities for formal and informal networking and mentoring sessions; and to offer opportunities to promote women owned businesses and to positively impact aspiring women entrepreneurs and help in developing their interests.

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