In loving memory of Nomcebo Shabangu

As much as we would like to avoid loss and the unpleasantness in our lives, sometimes it is inescapable.  "O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?"

I recently heard about the sad news that my sister in the Lord Nomcebo Shabangu had passed away.  My heart still doesn't believe it. What a glorious soul. A light has gone out; without so much as a flicker, and all we have left; is the precious memory of how brightly it burned; and the warmth it gave us. Thank you Lord for such a gift.

I became friends with Nomcebo Shabangu via Facebook. We quickly hit it off because of her welcoming and loving personality.  

I still remember the first engaging topic that I had with her. It was on Nelson Mandela.  I can't remember exactly the details of the conversations but I do remember that it was on Nelson Mandela.  This was around 2009 when I was launching Inside Woman Online.

Cebo as I usually called her, was my first interview for Inside Woman Online. I didn't even have a proper website then and yet she still honoured my request. The interview was for the feature Gifted to Serve. Here is the link to the interview that I did with her.

As I got to know Cebo, I quickly learned that she truly Loved Jesus Christ and was grounded in her faith.  She was always willing to share her faith and her hope with others. 

Cebo was a very sociable person and people were always drawn to her. I immensely enjoyed her positive and fun-loving attitude.

Like all of us she had to face many battles in her life, but she battled on against all adversity, always continuing to display great courage and faith in the Lord Jesus.

In loving memory of Nomcebo Shabangu


She was also not afraid to stand up for her faith in Jesus Christ. Her aim as always was to to stir in all of us a godly love and attitude.

My last in depth discussion with her was on death and the promises of God in relation to that. I knew that during this discussion she was having challenges with her physical health. But her spirit was soaring with gratitude and faith in God because there was never a "pity party" moment with her.

As saddened as I am by her loss, I am so grateful for all the richness Nomcebo Shabangu brought into my life. She maybe gone but she will never be forgotten. She leaves behind a wonderful legacy. All the sweet memories that she left me with I hold dear in my heart and cherish them, as she cherished me.

To her family, thank you for raising such a wonderful God fearing woman. May God comfort you and strengthen you. I pray that you never lack any good thing in your life in Jesus name. To her dear son, Lovie, whom she loved so deeply, may God keep His hand on you boy. You are not alone.

And to everyone reading this, I know exactly what she would say. She would say: 

Never sacrifice your faith for anything. Things might be looking tough n it all seems like  you will never make it, remember that God trusts you with that challenge your are facing and you will surely come out victorious. The sun will surely shine again. Just keep the faith n confess all that is good. Now rejoice ~ Nomcebo Shabangu