230 of The Fish and Chip Co. outlets are black owned

The Fish and Chip Co. is leading the way in securing black empowerment amongst food franchising companies in South Africa, with 76,57% of its 303 nationwide stores, being black owned. Further, 16,50% of these franchise owners are black women, demonstrating the black economic empowerment success behind The Fish & Chip Co. business model.

The company has achieved rapid growth since being established in 2009, with 120 outlets having been opened in 2012 alone, and about 3,300 job opportunities having been created to date.

Managing Executive of The Fish & Chip Co., Marcel Strauss notes that the company is proud of its achievements in terms of furthering and creating black owned businesses.

“The Fish & Chip Co. constantly strives to be an equal-opportunity employer, and enhance business growth for promising entrepreneurs who were previously disadvantaged. The fact that we have ensured that so many black entrepreneurs have become franchisees within our business over the last few years, demonstrates that our empowerment model is working.

230 of The Fish and Chip Co. outlets are black owned


“Ultimately, through offering promising entrepreneurs on-going support in the form of an established and successful brand, we are making a valuable difference not only in their lives and in the lives of their employees, but we are also stimulating economic growth.”

Strauss adds that The Fish and Chip Co. is able to assist so many entrepreneurs in realising their franchising dreams, owing to low set up costs required for stores, as well as the valuable operational backing that is provided.

The company appeals to a wide segment of the fast food consumer market in South Africa by offering affordable and tasty meals that provide real value for money. Besides selling traditional English-style meals such as fish and chips, calamari and fish cakes, it also offers meat alternatives in the form of Russians, Viennas and cheese grillers, that do not contain any traces of undeclared meat products.


Strauss concludes that the company is confident of continued growth.

“The Fish and Chip Co.’s significant success thus far has been built on the enterprising and flexible nature of our operating model, and the value-adding characteristics of our service offering. Moving forward, we intend to maintain these impressive results, develop our business offering further, and create an even greater impact in the local food franchising market.”

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