What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for? I'm grateful for God. My whole being has never experienced so much love and wonder. God is beyond anything and everything I have ever experienced in my entire life.

Yes I have had the opportunity to serve other so called "gods but none compare to God. I'm in AWE always of Him. Even in my weakness and failings I can't help but recognise Him for who He is: Powerful and Sovereign. He is that Big, that Incredible, that Amazing, that Awesome!! In fact words fail to express His very Being truthfully.  All I can do is just raise my heart, hands and head towards Him in total AWE. I surrender.

I'm thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ. Not only did He die for me on the cross, He showed me the Way on how to do this life.  It's one thing to die for people but it's another to be an example. Jesus is an incredibly fascinating Man. Just like "My Father, My God"... I'm amazed by Him. To even think that He was hundred percent human is just mind boggling.  I get it why people want to be forever married to Him. He is that Awesome in all levels of Awesomeness. All Glory and Praise to God for giving us His Awesome Son.  

What are you thankful for?


I'm truly grateful for the many chances that God gives me through the blood Jesus Christ. Where would I be if I had to constantly live in guilt and in the shame of sin? Grace, Awesome Grace!

I'm a grateful for the Holy Spirit. I don't know how many times  He has testified of God's love to me, of the many times He has reminded me of who I am and Whose I am, of the many times He has as nudged me in the right direction, corrected wrong thinking in me,  encouraged me, strengthened me but more than anything STAYED with  me. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will stay with us for ever  ~John 14:16. Forever means Forever! Glory to God!

There is so much to be thankful for..

  • If you own just one Bible, you are abundantly blessed one-third of the world does not have access to even one.

  • If you woke up this morning with more health than illness, you are more blessed than a million who will not survive the week.

  • If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture or the pangs of starvation, you are ahead of five million people around the world.

  • If you attend a church meeting without fear of harassment, arrest or torture of death, you are more blessed that almost three billion people in the world.

  • If you have food in your refrigerator, clothes on your back, roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75% of this world.

  • If you have money in the bank, in your wallet and spare change in a dish someplace, you are among the top 8% of the world’s wealthy. If your parents are still married and alive, you are very rare. If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are truly thankful, you are blessed because the majority can, but most do not.


  • If you can hold someone’s hand, hug them or even touch them on the shoulder, you are blessed because you can offer God’s healing touch.

  • If you prayed yesterday and today, you are in the minority because you believe in God’s willingness to hear and answer prayer. If you believe in Jesus as the Son of God, you are part of a very small minority in the world.

  • If you can read this message, you are more blessed than over two billion people in the world that cannot read anything at all

Source: Unknown

To know more about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit go to Bible.com

So the question is, what are you thankful for today?