Ways to stop complaining

Are there ways to stop complaining. But for most of us who are used to complaining all day everyday, this is a hard thing to do. We are so conditioned to complain that we don't know what it's like not to do it.

There are days when everything seems to go wrong and complaining is the easiest thing to do for most of us. You may temporarily feel better after complaining but the truth is you complaining does not make you a better person neither does it change your situation.

In Philippians 2:14 Paul said, "do everything without complaining...". Why?  Because Numbers 11:1 says, “And when the people complained, it displeased the LORD; and the LORD heard it, and His anger was kindled ...”



When we complain it usually reveal our spiritual makeup. Complaining show that we are not happy with God's order of things, his blessings or that you have been doing things "outside" of the Holy Spirit. And this usually leads to frustration.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:14  that "You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden" . We cannot be an example to non-Christians and a help to our fellow men if we are constantly directing everyone's attention to how miserable we are. Complaining breeds ineffectiveness in a Christians and weakens our faith.

While we don't make ourselves good Christians, we can rely on Jesus' redemption and justification to give us the ability to do overcome bad habits and behaviour.  And the results will be a changed life and not complaining about God and life.  Here are four ways to help you:

  • Renew your mind.

  • Praise and worship God.

  • Start giving thanks

  • If you catch yourself complaining, stop.

  • Take responsibility. Remember you are not alone, God is Forever with you.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to give you peace about things you can't change.