Stay in faith, God is going to do it

Is there something that you see every day that reminds you of what you believing God for, something that inspires you, ignites your faith? Are you waiting on God’s promises to come true in your life?

You may be facing a dead end right now. You might be wondering if  you understood God correctly. You might be doubting that the promise will happen at all.

But God said to the prophet Habakkuk in chapter 2 verse 3, "The vision will not happen for awhile. It has an appointed time. Even though it seems a long time coming, wait for it. It is not a lie. It will happen."

You see no matter how impossible it looks right now, if you will stay in faith, your time will come.  Quit trying to figure out how he's going to do it and enjoy the journey.

The Bible shows us that if it was not for Goliath, David would probably have lived and died a simple shepherd boy. It took adversity, a challenge and risk for the world to recognize David's talent and greatness.

Stay in faith, God is going to do it


And if during the waiting period we become restless like Sara and Abram and try to help God with His promises in our live, God will still be faithful to us. Why? 2 Corinthians 1:20 says, "For all the promises of God in Him are yea, and in Him Amen, unto the glory of God by us."

We must understand that "all the promises of God" are made in reference to Jesus, and are fulfilled through Him. They have nothing to do with you. They are centered on Jesus. There is nothing more certain than the reliability of God and His Word in our lives. That's why we can be strong in God and in the power of His might. It's not that we are faithful but that He is faithful to end of time.

Hebrews 11 reminds us to stay in faith and to be patient!  Just because it has taken a long time, or because you've tried and failed, does not mean you should give up on those dreams. Whatever God has promised you, keep holding on like Abraham. No matter how long it may take for the promises of God to come to pass in your life, do not give up like Joseph. Continue running your race of faith like Jonathan. God’s faithful Word will prevail; His perfect plan will be done in your life. Just stay in faith!