Mentoring: Mpho Chaane

Mpho Chaane had a very difficult childhood but despite all of that, she allowed God to use her for his Glory. Mpho took the gifts that God gave her and started Transformation Mindleaders. Here is our interview with her.

Inside Woman: Please share your testimony of how you came to know Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Saviour?

Mpho Chaane: I grew up in a very dysfunctional family where none of my parents knew God. I had however loved going to church with anyone that was going, but did not really understand Salvation. So even as a child I enjoyed being in His Presence, until I finally understood and officialised my relationship with Jesus in January 2000. I was travelling by train and there was a young man who used to preach there. I connected with his kind of Gospel and asked him which Church he went to. He promised to fetch me the next Sunday. When he was running late, I went on my own and he found me there. I guess my appointment with the Saviour was burning inside me. It has been an interesting journey, a roller coaster really. I have backslidden twice and thank God that He restores. I think it helped that even though I knew I had backslidden, I did not leave the house of God. I was still going to Church regularly, but I knew that the most important relationship in my life was on the rocks and it was my own doing. And yes, make-ups are the best!!!

Inside Woman: Please tell us a bit more about your company and your role in the company today?

Mpho Chaane: Transformation Mindleaders is a skills development service provider, focusing mainly at support and frontline employees. I am the director of the company, a coach and facilitator. Transformation Mindleaders aims to transform our target market’s mindsets in believing that they can and should work on their worth. We aim to upgrade their skills to improve their performance in their respective working environment, to respect their jobs, appreciate and exceed the employers’ expectations. This way they are able to grow their marketability and sustain good relationships with their employers, even when they had left the company.

Transformation Mindleaders conducts networking sessions (named the Spiderweb), to connect our youth and be able to refer business or employment to one another. In this platform we share best practices on how to handle different work pressures. E.g. Entrepreneurs get to meet with people in the corporate industries they are interested in and could be assisted and advised by an employee they meet at the Spiderweb sessions.

We are currently running a Spelling Bee contest and are at the elimination stage, after conducting auditions attended by approximately 250 children between the ages of 9 and 12.

Mentoring: Mpho Chaane



Inside Woman:  What part of your background prepared you for this venture?

Mpho Chaane: Being employed in the corporate environment for over 10 years as a Personal Assistant, I observed that support staff were not being recognised for their worth, and they themselves were not equipped enough to better portray their worth. Thanks to my relationship with Jesus, I know who I am and the power that has been invested in me by the Almighty. I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This means that there is nothing that’s limiting me. I limit myself to doing. I have learnt that knowing my worth means I need to know my Creator, and represent Him in a way that He is glorified.

My passion for the Soweto Spelling Bee, is ignited by my love for languages (I speak all SA official languages and French). Seeing the level of spelling deteriorates due to the recently introduced text language, I felt I needed to do something. Especially because, during my parents’ divorce we moved to a township in Soweto, at my grandmother’s place and I was exposed to hurtful experiences. I was molested from the age of 8 without anyone noticing anything. I had figured that is how life was supposed to be for a township girl. The Spelling Bee club is therefore to keep the children away from such exposures. If I had not been out in the streets, without my parents knowing where I was, I would not have experienced what I did. I believe in the healing power of God and through my attempts to protect the little ones from being idle, I am finding my healing.

Inside Woman: There are a lot of training companies, how do you ensure quality standards in your organisation?

Mpho Chaane: I serve a God of Quality. He knitted me in my mother’s womb. Do you know how long it takes to knit a jersey, or any other thing? The product comes out better though, than some cut and join of material. I invest time in researching the clients so as to customize my service to them and never rush any of my training. I offer value adds as well, like one-on-one coaching session with the clients.

Inside Woman: So what’s the one thing you wish you’d known when you started?

Mpho Chaane: I wish I had known that I would start. Honestly, I never thought I had an entrepreneur bone in me. But God has always known, because he prepared me. When I was going through various training programmes, I had been preparing to go and share it with youth and young adults free of charge on weekends. I am passionate about sharing information, developing people and their mindsets. But I did not see it as a business venture.

Inside Woman: What has been your motivating/driving force all these years that keeps you going?

Mpho Chaane: We have been given a limited number of days or years to live in this world. I am to utilise the time that God has given me optimally. I do not want my obituary to be half a page, whereby only my birth date, primarily school, high school, number of children and grandchildren, then death date is all people can write about me. It is as good as “You were born, You lived (or rather breathed) and You died. I want to leave a legacy in this world. I want my death to affect people as much as my life does. I want to be able to account for the time I was given by the Creator. Remember the story of the five servants who were given talents, and they used it differently. I do not want God to be mad at me for having sat with the talent He has given me.

Inside Woman: What are the three key things you need to be a successful entrepreneur?

Mpho Chaane: 

  1. God as the CEO. Allow God to lead you. Even the highest educated individual needs God, otherwise, we will end up with educated demons. God clothes me in His favour, which makes me likeable to the next person.

  2. Discipline – In the fast and furious world we exist in, it takes a whole lot of discipline to sacrifice the “good life” in pursuit of success. We reap what we sow, so the more you invest in your business the more return you get.

  3. Networking – I am a strong believer of networking. Whatever company you want to approach, you will never get there and speak to the building. It is run by people, who also need other people to survive.  The broader your network, the more opportunities you are bound to discover.

Inside Woman: Who is the one person that has inspired your entrepreneurial route?

Mpho Chaane: I look up to many different individuals who possess different qualities that I combine and make my role model. My spiritual parents are both entrepreneurs and ministers and I have always admired their ability to maximise their time utilisation in the day. I wondered how they manage to do all they do in the same 24hours that we all have and still do it diligently. Now I look at my life and wonder where do I get all the time be all I am and do what I do in the same 24 hours that used to pass me by and I could not account for even 1 hour. Most of my friends are self-employed as well, so I have insight as to what challenges there are and how they overcome them. This inspired me to say, I can also do it. I can take some calculated risks, with God on my side, I should surely make it.

Mentoring: Mpho Chaane


Inside Woman: Do you have a mentor and what role do they play in your life?

Mpho Chaane: I get advice from different people in their different specialities but mostly, my spiritual parents.  I run my thoughts, opinions or plans by them. I kind of go to them not just for advice, but for approval/affirmation as well. They are entrepreneurs, ministers, community workers, parents and spouses, and these are the roles that I also play. Seeing them do it, and balancing it out, making it look so easy, I trust their view and advice on what I should do and how.

Inside Woman: What role does prayer play in your life?

Mpho Chaane: Prayer is my lifeline. It is like me checking in and out at the control room. I have to sign in to be granted access to the day and sign out to go out. If I do not pray, I do not see how I can be functional when the day has not been activated. Prayer is a communication channel between me and God. And because we are in a relationship, we have to keep our communication line open. His line is always open so I just need to keep checking on Him. If I had a boyfriend who only calls me every second day I would dump him for sure.

Inside Woman: What have you learned about following your dreams?

Mpho Chaane: First I have learnt that you have to dream for me to climb the ladder of life. Without a dream what would I be chasing? I have learnt that since I am the dreamer, I have a better picture of where I want to be, so I am the one who must believe in it and invest in it. People will believe in it, and invest in it, once they see the same in you.

Inside Woman: Who or what is your source of inspiration when you are faced with challenges?

Mpho Chaane: The book of Job keeps me grounded in my faith. Though Job was persecuted and inflicted, he refused to curse God. And just like Job, I know God’s permissible will could let the devil challenge me, but he will not touch my soul or spirit. I find comfort in knowing that “this too shall pass”.  I know that though troubles may last for the night, but true joy comes in the morning. I know my Redeemer lives, and if He puts me through it, He will take me through it.

Inside Woman: Are there other entrepreneurial ventures that you are currently involved with?

Mpho Chaane: I am personally a public speaker, so I work as and when a request suffices. I have not given much attention to this part recently.

Inside Woman:  Is there anything you would like to say to women entrepreneurs, to encourage them as they embark on this journey on their own?

Mpho Chaane: I would like to believe that they are not on their own. God is with them every step of the way. As entrepreneurs, we are likely to make some mistakes along the way, and we need to just learn from them without being too hard on ourselves. It is a learning path that we decided to embark on, and we knew it was not going to be easy.

Inside Woman: What tips would like to give to our women readers, who want to become entrepreneurs?

Mpho Chaane: When the children of Israel were in the wilderness, they had options: Go back to Egypt in captivity, stay in the wilderness and die there, or continue to go to the promise land without knowing what challenges await them. The best decision was to rather proceed, because if they stayed there, they have would died anyway, and going back they would be killed too. So what if they get to the promise land and they find giants who would kill them? Well they were going to die anyway. But what if they get there and life is better and they enjoy their freedom? They would not have found out had they not tried. That is what I want women to learn. The fear of the unknown is the killer of many dreams and ambitions. But rather die trying than sit and wait for death.

Inside Woman: So many women are feeling stuck. What can they do to move forward to the promises of God in their lives?

Mpho Chaane: Some women, me included, have a dark past. It is through dealing with the past, managing the present that we can start to move to the future that God has in store for us. If we hold on to the past, our hands will never open up to receive God’s promises. He is probably reaching out His hands to give us something, but until we release/throw away the past burdens, we will not be able to take anything the Father gives us.

Inside Woman: Where do you see your company in the next five years?

Mpho Chaane: God allowing, I hope to have built a strong brand for Transformation Mindleaders. The Spelling Bee will go National in the next 2 years. The Spiderweb would have grown bigger and stronger, and hopefully, also a national forum.

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