Heart to Heart: Lakisha Louissaint

Lakisha Louissaint is a living testimony of the power of God and mercy in our lives. Despite and in spite all that she has been through, Lakisha is still standing by the Grace of God. She learned not to reject the Grace that is continuously given to her daily and she's learned that with God ALL things are possible. Not only is she the daughter of the Most High God, she's a wife, mother, poet and author. Here is our heart to heart interview with her. 

Inside Woman: How did you come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour?

Lakisha Louissaint: I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour when I was a teenager. I came to really know Jesus Christ when I was 25 years old. It happened when I was about to give up because of the daily struggles with my son who had been diagnosed with Autism and someone took the time to come and pray with me and in that I did not lose hope and my faith became stronger.

Inside Woman:  How has your relationship been with Him?

Lakisha Louissaint: My relationship with God is better than it was before. I am more in tuned to His voice. I love God because He has been there for me when there was no one else. God has loved me unconditionally and has never turned His back on me and the feeling of that is priceless. I can’t imagine not loving a God like that.

Inside Woman: Why does God love us so much that He would give us His Only Son as a sacrifice?

Lakisha Louissaint: Just think about it, if you have children, you would give the world to them especially if you knew that it was going to help them. Well God is the same way. He loved us so much that He was willing to sacrifice His own Son in order to save us ALL. He was not selfish because He knew His Son would rise again with ALL power and save souls from eternal death.

Inside Woman: What have you learned about God’s love?

Lakisha Louissaint:I have learned that there is nothing that can separate me from the love of God. He loves me in spite of the mistakes that I have made and still make. He forgives me and He does not constantly remind me of my failures. His love is sooooooo amazing. He loves me in a way that no one ever could  do.

Inside Woman: And rape is not love.

Lakisha Louissaint: Rape/molestation is not love; however, it is the action of dysfunctional person who needs help because they may be repeating what happened to them. They are not aware of how to break the cycle and reveal their pain in order to get the help they truly need. Satan does not care who he uses.

Inside Woman: And you were raped as a child. Briefly tell us how that changed your life?

Lakisha Louissaint: Being molested as a young teenager on many occasions birthed out a very angry person in me. I hated myself. I was angry with God. I even said there was no God because what God would allow a child to have to endure this type of torture. I went through my ups and downs, but as I stated before, I learned later that God would use that molestation for me to encourage others since I experienced it.

Inside Woman: And how is God’s love helping you to heal?

Lakisha Louissaint: God’s love has helped me to heal by allowing me to know that He loves me so much that He trusted me to go through all of that pain in order to help others. Had I chosen what would happen in my life, then my life would be perfect, but it’s not. God’s love wrapped me as if I were in a warm blanket and held me as I cried out to Him and told me that everything would be alright.

Inside Woman: And was writing a book part of the healing process?

Lakisha Louissaint:Writing the story of my life was very therapeutic for me. It allowed me to release how I really felt without being interrupted. It allowed me to search for scriptures in order to help me to understand the right way to deal with those traumatic experiences and to understand that it did not just happen to me, but it even happened back then. It also allowed me to finally forgive because I knew that my story would one day help others who have experienced similar situations as myself. It also allowed me to put my story in a framework in order to share it with other people in order to paint a picture of my life.

Inside Woman: Most rape victims always seek a “love” connection with men through sex. Did you struggle with that?

Lakisha Louissaint: At the time I did not understand why I was promiscuous because I suppressed the pain. However, I later began to understand that the molestation played a big part in it. I didn’t even understand why I had to consume alcohol in order to help me through sexual activities.I did not understand that I was seeking love in any way that it came.

Inside Woman: How did being sexually violated affect your relationship with your husband?

Lakisha Louissaint: It affected my relationship with my husband in many ways. Many times my husband’s touch made me feel as though I were being violated all over again and that hurt because no one wants to neglect their husband by taking away intimacy. But my husband prayed during those times with me and that made things a little better knowing that when I had to stop him, he did not get angry. He just prayed and I thank God for that. God gave me a spiritual mate that was equally yoked to me in order to identify with my pain.

Inside Woman: Why do you think women are always blamed for rape?

Lakisha Louissaint: Because it’s easier for the violator to blame the victim than to take responsibility for his/her actions.

Inside Woman: And what about clothes? Are women provoking men to rape them when they are wearing short or transparent clothes?

Lakisha Louissaint: In my opinion NO ONE provokes anyone to rape/molest them. I was a fourteen year old who had no job to buy my own clothes; they were purchased for me and I did not ask to be molested. Many victims of molestation/rape are young children and teenagers between the ages of seven months of age and up. Even women that are covered from head to toe are raped/molested. It is a perverted state of mind that the violator has; however, I think that women should cover themselves appropriately. Those who rape/molest others have a serious problem that needs to be addressed and they are going to victimise whomever they desire because this is the nature of their minds.  Ephesians 6:12 says, our fight is not against people on earth but against rulers and authorities and the powers of this world’s darkness. It is against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly world (NCV). With that said, satan will use anyone available to say, “Yes”

Inside Woman: Why do you think God allows bad things to happen in the world?

Lakisha Louissaint: Everything in life is a learning experience. For me, if I had not lost my mother or had known my biological father then I would not be able to effectively encourage those who are experiencing the loss of a mother or someone who is fatherless. If no one ever went through anything then we would not have a physical body to encourage us and let us know that everything is going to be alright.

Inside Woman: Being sexually, mentally or physically violated changes a person. At what point in your life did you discover your purpose?

Lakisha Louissaint: I was about thirty-two when I really realised what the purpose of my life was; however, I accepted my purpose at the age of thirty-four. I continued to encounter others who had experienced similar situations as myself and it allowed me to understand that I was equipped to communicate with them.

Inside Woman: What is the purpose that God has placed in your life for this time?

Lakisha Louissaint: My purpose is to reach those that the world has deemed worthless and those who experienced traumatic experiences such as myself.

Inside Woman:Why do you think it’s important despite what has happened to you to find your purpose in life?

Lakisha Louissaint: If I lived my life focused on my pain then it would not benefit me at all and I refuse to allow my past to keep me from going after my dreams

Inside Woman: Many women are struggling with failure, low self-esteem and self-acceptance. And they don’t know why they are here. What do you say to them?

Lakisha Louissaint: I would tell them to get to know Jesus who will allow them to love and forgive themselves. I would say to them, “God has accepted you for who you are and He loves you very much.”I would tell them that they need to be connected to God who created them and allow Him to define their value. I would also tell them that God does not create trash.

Inside Woman: When you wrote this book, what is the message that God wanted you to share with your readers?

Lakisha Louissaint: The message is simple: You are not alone! If God can help me, He can help anyone.

Inside woman:  What are you teaching your boys about self-love?

Lakisha Louissaint: Hmmmm! I am teaching my children to first love God because He will teach them how to truly love themselves.

Inside Woman: What are you teaching your boys about respecting women?

Lakisha Louissaint: I teach my children to respect any woman the way they would want someone to respect me. I also teach them that virginity is sacred. Since my oldest son understands what happened to me, he has vowed to save that moment of intimacy when he finally meets his wife and I applaud him for that. My youngest son does not quite understand everything at this moment; however, I am still teaching him. I teach my children to never cross the line and call any woman out of their names because they would not want anyone to disrespect their mother in that way and they don’t know their story.

Inside Woman: What is the one thing that you’ve learned from your mother on being a godly woman and wife?

Lakisha Louissaint: Unfortunately my mother passed away when I was 7 years old, but what I learned from her was to never take for granted having a mother and that things aren’t always what they seem. I will never forget when my mother asked me for a hug and I did not give it to her because I felt that she did not love me since I did not see her as much as I wished; however, that was far from the truth. She was fighting for her life for me. Now that’s love.

Inside Woman: Being a parent is hard. But being a parent to a child with autism is even harder, right?

Lakisha Louissaint: I literally have to take one day at a time. You have to be patient. You have to have FAITH. You have to truly love because sometimes it seems easier to send them away and reject the gift God has entrusted you with, but that is not so. I fight daily with my flesh because I love my son so much. I had FAITH that he would one day speak and he did. I had FAITH that he would come out of pull-ups and he did. And I have FAITH that he will get better and become so successful that all who doubted God will see His Glory.

Inside Woman: Our call is also to bring people to the loving arms of Christ. What do you say to a woman who is broken, hurt and in pain right now, who has questions about her life and wondering if God loves her?

Lakisha Louissaint: I would say to her that God does love her regardless of what it feels like. I would tell her that it is satan’s job to whisper lies in her ears, but she has to choose to believe God. I would say to her that although I lost my mother at the age of 7 , never knew my biological father, my step dad was not there in the way he should have been, I abused alcohol, weed, and prescription pills. And although I was promiscuous and rebellious God LOVED me. I pushed that love away, but now I embrace it. Even though she may be hurting now there is some little girl waiting for her to get past her pain in order to help that little girl. I would tell her that every day that she need to choose to forgive and deal with the pain rather than suppress it. And when she does that she will be able to look back and smile as I have done.

Inside Woman: What do you do when you are not working? How do you relax?

Lakisha Louissaint: I spend time with my husband, my children, and my dog. I call my favourite aunt and at times go and sit with my favourite uncle because both of them have been with me even through the rebellion and the pain and I relax by sitting around and being lazy.

Inside Woman: What’s next for you?

Lakisha Louissaint: I’m planning plays and to write more books. I’m planning to see ALL of my dreams come true.

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