God sees you beautiful

God sees you beautiful. But for most women that is hard to believe.  Unfortunately the world’s message of beauty is designed to create dissatisfaction with self.

In this image driven culture, it's hard to develop a healthy sense of beauty  because we have  so called beauty experts constantly trying to sell us the "image" of beauty. Of course there is nothing wrong with being beautiful and taking care of yourself. The problem is that what they are selling is not possible for any human being in the world.

Unfortunately most of us believe this lies from the devil. I used to struggle a lot with my body. I was never content with my clothes. I was insecure about my look and very critical of the way I'm shaped. I was always on a "starvation diet" to lose the weight.

But God started showing me that as a Christian woman I must answer to God's standards not man's standards. I must look to God to find my beauty and acceptance. My mental picture of my body should not be according to some worldly view but according to God's image of me.

God sees you beautiful


The reality of “beauty” in our culture is quite deceiving. But God sees us differently. When you were born again you became a new creature in Christ Jesus, old things are passed away; and behold, and all things have become new. God says He has made you accepted in the beloved. Men may reject you, but He has accepted you. In Ephesians 2:10 Paul explains that we are God’s “masterpieces”. And my favourite verse is in Song of Songs 4:7, "You are altogether beautiful, my darling, and there is no blemish in you”. Altogether means nothing missing, nothing broken.

Body image issues are real issues.  And unless we learn to look at ourselves like God looks at us, we will never reach the potential that God has for us. So today, open your heart and ask God to heal you from wrong thinking about yourself. Realise that God sees you beautiful all the time.  Accept yourself, love yourself and embrace yourself because already does. You are a daughter of the King, held in honour and esteem by the Lord Who has redeemed you for Himself. Value yourself as the pearl of great price.

Here are some easy steps to follow to understand your true beauty:

  • Keep away from the messages and media images that perpetuate culture’s unattainable standards.

  • Stay in the Word of God.

  • Understand what you want to change about yourself and why. Always evaluate your motives with the help of the Holy Spirit.

What does God see when he looks past all the makeup, all the nice clothes, and jewelry right into your soul? God sees you beautiful.