Women's Health warns of scam

One of South Africa's women's health magazine, Women's Health, has warned it's reader about a "miracle" weight-loss products.  Below is a statement that Women's Health warning  it's readers of this scam.

If you have across any emails, Twitter and Facebook posts or websites that look like Women’s Health that direct you to a site promoting miracle weight-loss products called alongside Women’s Health branding, please be aware that this is a scam!

Some of these so-called WH products include: OrganaSlim, OrganaCleanse A+ Skin & Iris Eye Gel, the mango diet, African Mango, Botox cream, acacia berry, colon cleanse, Formlife and Nutra-Burn10 & Nuetrim. These change every few months.

These products are advertised as being recommended and tested by Women’s Health, and when you click on the Facebook ad on the side of your Facebook news feed, it takes you to a fake WH site (womenshealthfive and womenshealthsix). This website is made to look like a WH website, and claims that staff reporters have tested these products and lost large amounts of weight.

Women's Health warns of scam


When falling for the scam, buyers are requested to purchase the products for under R300. However, either the product never arrives, or they receive only one bottle, and their credit card is then charged with another +-R1200. We are getting more and more complaints from people who have fallen for this scam, unfortunately the banks cannot do anything about it.

I know we all want to lose weight quickly but beware of this scam and don't fall for it. Some people have been lucky to have their money refunded but you might not be so lucky.