Simple tips to keep warm this winter

Winter has come earlier than expected. Even though we are still experiencing the sun, it's a bit chilly at night.  And electricity costs are rising across everywhere, and looking after the money we spend on heat has never been more important.  So what can you do that will help keep the house warm this winter without breaking your bank account?

Wear several thin layers, rather than one thick layer. This is because they trap warm air close to the body

Keep your feet warm. I highly recommend "house slippers" indoors. I know that it sounds a bit old-fashioned, but having the rubber sole really makes a difference. Woolworths sells a nice variety of those.


A lot of heat is lost through the head and neck, so if you’re cold indoors, wear a hat and scarf.


If you have used your oven to bake, leave the oven door open. Don't do it when it's a gas stove.  Remember to switch it off.


Leave your curtains and drapes open during the day. Your rooms will soak up the heat and release it at night.



What are your tips to keep warm this winter?