God's leading men of faith

There are many men who we are look up to in the Christian faith. I call them  God's leading men of faith - men who’ve walked the walk, and talked the talk. Men who’ve championed the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Men of faith are men men who understand the times we live in and have contributed immensely in the growth of the body of Christ. We love them and  we thank God for them. We just wanted to share our list with you of God's leading men of faith.  You can always post your influential Christian man below! Let us know so that we can celebrate God’s leading gents together!

Here’s our list in no particular order:

God's leading men of faith

What can we say about Pastor Mosa Sono, the founder and senior pastor of Grace Bible Church, accept to describe him as a “ghetto fabulous pastor” period! His passion has always been to transform the lives of others, from student groups to business audiences in need of God’s love to overcome their own obstacles. Pastor Mosa serves beyond the walls of ministry by connecting with people in the real world and being present, accessible and available to his community. The pattern of life he lives illuminates a path for others to follow. Today Grace Bible Church is one of the fasted growing Churches in South Africa and the biggest in Soweto! Pastor Musa has been married to mom Gege for over 20 years and they have two sons. Visit: www.gbcsoweto.org.za 


God's leading men of faith

Ray McCauley, senior pastor of Rhema Bible Church, is one of the most influential Bible teachers of our time. Pastor Ray is not just a leader and humble servant but a visionary and transformation agent with a big heart to impact not only communities but nations. Pastor Ray is a man of integrity and humility; sincerely compassionate and incredibly generous. Pastor Ray is constantly used by God to inspire people to live generously for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Pastor Ray has always been a national voice calling for leadership that enhances quality of life for all people. Pastor Ray has two children, Joshua and Kirsty. Josh is already taking after his dad. Visit: www.rhema.co.za 


God's leading men of faith

Joseph Prince is a refreshing teacher of the radical Grace (Grace is not a message it’s the person our Lord Jesus Christ). Formerly an IT consultant, Pastor Joseph Prince is the best teacher of Grace that I know (and yes we know that it is the Holy Spirit that qualified Him). Pastor Prince’s complete devotion to the Bible as God’s final authority, his compassion, his love and his zeal is apparent in every breath and step he takes. He’s a really cool role model and he one of the most sincere pastor I know! Pastor Joseph is married to Wendy and they have a beautiful daughter named Jessica. Visit: www.josephprince.com 


God's leading men of faith Kenneth Copeland has been in the Ministry for over 40 years and has been teaching the uncompromising Word of God, proclaiming God’s Word of love, faith and blessings! Brother Copeland as he is affectionately known is forever burning with an infectious fire and passionate desire to rescue the lost and bring them to the Kingdom of God! And not just bring them into the Kingdom but help them live victoriously. Kenneth is married to a powerful Woman of God Gloria Copeland! They are both very much involved in the ministry. Visit: www.kcm.org.za 


God's leading men of faith God uses Bishop TD Jakes penetrate sub-cultures as well as mainstream with the redeeming power of the message of our Lord Jesus Christ. His extreme love for the Lord has steered him on to helping others to encounter Christ’s love, truth and reality in a personal level and come to receive Him as their own Lord and Saviour. His married to a wonderful, absolutely amazing woman, mom Serita Jakes! Visit: www.thepottershouse.org 

God's leading men of faith Bishop Kenneth Ulmer is one of the dynamic and most highly respected teachers of the Word of God! Bishop Ulmer is knowledgeable, very qualified, and an excellent Bible Teacher. His sermons and lessons are life changing and filled with inspiration that can only come from the leading of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Harold has been able to exemplify a passionate relationship with Christ, not only publicly, but privately in all his seasons of life. He is genuine and real in his humanity and shares that from the pulpit. His been married to mom Togetta for over 30 years! Visit: www.faithfulcentral.com 

God's leading men of faith Pastor’s pastor Tommy Barnett is the senior pastor of Phoenix First Assembly of God (an Assemblies of God mega church in Phoenix, Arizona. His annual Pastors and Leaders School has gathered more than 200,000 leaders over 30 years to train and equip the next generation of pastors and ministry leaders to carry on the work of the ministry. He is also a highly sought-after conference and evangelistic speaker, recently partnering with Joyce Meyer to share the Gospel with more than 400,000 people in India. Tommy Barnett’s ministry has influenced many leaders including high-profile ministers and pastors such Joyce Meyer, T. D. Jakes, Ed Young Jr., Wellington Boone, and Charles Nieman, who call him their pastor.

God's leading men of faith

"The Devil is a liar and Jesus is the Messiah" is one of Dr Chris Hill favourite sayings on the pulpit. I believe that he is born for such as time as this. Dr Hill is the founder of Chris Hill Ministries International (CHM) and Senior Pastor of The Potter's House of Denver, is an exemplary leader, speaker, teacher and influencer, who has been devoted to spreading the Word for more than 20 years. His inspirational and prevailing messages of hope redefine the scope and influence of the postmodern Christian pulpit drawing multicultural and multigenerational audiences from around the world.