Extra income ideas

Many a times I hear about people looking for extra income ideas.  Extra income ideas are not that hard to find. Most of the times they are tied to you passion or talent.  Here is our list of extra income ideas. Let us know if one of extra income ideas spark an interest in you.

Can you write? Check if you favourite publication is not by "chance" looking for a freelancer. Ask what they need and how you can go about freelancing for them.

Do voice overs. If you have a really nice voice and you can articulate yourself well agents can use your voice in radio adverts, etc. As this is a competitive industry don't be put off by a lot of NOs. First find yourself and agent and train your voice daily by reading out loud the newspaper.

Sell Avon products. Avon has been proven by studies to help women in South Africa to earn extra income. Read their story here. Visit their Avon's website to find the details. And after you've registered make sure you understand what you are doing and sell, sell, sell. Remember  that using the products yourself is a form of marketing.

Sell Tupperware. Almost every household in our country has tupperware products. Like Avon, Tupperware is a known and trusted brand it could be a bit easier to sell it. Still, you need a bit of patience and understand what you are selling.

If you have extra money, buy two or three public phones to earn extra income. Make sure that you hire someone you trust to look after the phones for you otherwise this might just turn into a disaster. If the phones are well managed they can earn a considerable amount of money. Do your homework.


Bakes cakes. I always say that the only business that could never really fail is the business of food. Why? Because people always, always have to eat. If you can bake really tasty scones, etc, then you have awinning formula that could earn extra income effortlessy.

Extra income ideas

Do you have a sewing machine? Start making clothes for yourself and marketing your "side business" that way. Remember people buy brands. And if you make beautiful clothes and brand them well, then people will start to support your business.

Do suveys. Google to find legit surveys. Register and start doing those surveys to earn extra income.

Can you take really good pictures? If your answer is yes then invest in a proper camera and start taking pictures of beautiful people/things that you see daily. Develop those pictures to create a portfolio and start showing them to people. Soon you will be taking pictures at weddings, parties, etc.

Remember that the key to every success in life is doing what you love and doing it with excellency, and then the money will follow. Don't do anything unless you are passionate or the least be committed to it, otherwise you are just setting yourself up for failure.


So get your diary out and start writing all the extra income ideas that you have. Tick the ones that don't need a lot of capital and time; and do your research. After that, contact the relevant people. From then do what you are supposed to do and watch the money coming in.

Psalm 128:2 : You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours. (NIV)

Do you have extra income ideas that you want to share with us that could help our readers? Please share.