20 Tips to sell Avon products

I'm sure you came to read this post because you were looking for tips to sell Avon products. There are so many people who are selling Avon products today. It's important for you as a sales person to stay on top of your game and maximise your sales.

Avon is a great product but you for you  to see great products, you must run your business like a real business whether you are doing it part-time or full-time.

20 Tips to sell Avon products

Here are 20 tips to sell Avon products.

  1. Host the Avon party. Invite a few friends to your home and show them your products.

  2. If you know the salon owner ask them if they could leave your business cards/brochures/pamphlets for people who come in.

  3. Live your details at your nearest mall where they have an information kiosk.

  4. Place your details in free classifieds.

  5. Create a Facebook page. Post pictures of yourself in Avon make-up. You know that seeing is believing.

  6. When someone brings you a new customer who places an order over R200 or something like that, find a way to "reward" them.

  7. Follow up with people that have seen the catalogue. It might seem annoying but so many times people have orders and forget to let you know.

  8. Ask your family and friends to take books to work with them.

  9. Advertise your Avon business on your car. Include your name and phone number. 

  10. Be friendly and enthusiastic.


  1. Don't order pre-order items that you can't sell.

  2. Get yourself a Gmail address and have an email address book with a list of your clients so that you can email them your latest catalogues.

  3. Try to make new contacts every day. Aim for a minimum of two.

  4. Maintain self-confidence.

  5. Know your products. People can tell when you don’t know what you are talking about.

  6. Respect your customer’s point of view, always.

  7. Listen to the needs of your clients.

  8. Spray your brochure with perfume that is currently on special e

  9. Be trustworthy. If you say something will be done then we need to make sure it gets done.

  10. If you love doing your own make up, have make up parties with a few friends and play around with different Avon products.

For more visit Avon's website.