Mentoring: Mapule Lebata

In this mentoring feature we speak to the disciple of Jesus Christ and the founder and editor of Gospel Hub, Mapule Lebata, about her online publication for Christians who want to grow and mature in the Lord.

Inside Woman: There are many religions out there why make Jesus Christ your personal Saviour?

Mapule Lebata: I was born in a Christian home, so I had no other option. As I got more knowledge and revelation, it dawned to me that Jesus is the Son of God, and the whole revelation of the Gospel was introduced to me. Now I know that Jesus brought to us something more than a religion, He came to give us LIFE, something that is beyond religion.

Inside Woman: What has the journey been like for you?

Mapule Lebata: Wow, it has been amazing, God is faithful and the fact of the matter is that just because you have said you are a child of God, it doesn't mean that you won't be challenged. You'll surely be challenged but the fact is that victory is yours; you just have to hold on to God's Word, know who you are and keep the faith.  I have been through a lot of challenges but I keep pressing on regardless because I know that God is faithful. Life is glorious when you know what will happen at the end, and for me, I know that the end will always be for my good. So I enjoy life, regardless of what happens.

Inside Woman: How has your faith shaped or influenced your decision to start Gospel Hub?

Mapule Lebata: Well, you know when you study something; you sort of become 'it' as it shapes you/your thoughts. So because of my love for the Word of God, and I am in a Church that teaches and encourages us to study the Word and depend on it; it became too much in me, I just could not keep it to myself, I had to share it with someone. The more revelation I received about who a Christian is and what the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is all about, the more I wanted to share it with other people. I'm also very opinionated and analytical, so I love engaging myself into fruitful discussions.  I then started a blog on blogger of which people loved. I then inquired about websites, etc and shared my idea with other people and was born.

Inside Woman: Tell us a bit about Gospel Hub?

Mapule Lebata: Gospelhub is an online platform for Christians to share, discuss, learn; spiritually grow and to have fun. It is about spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, to profile the life of Christians and to especially show that Christians are not boring. We actually do have lots of fun. Christianity is not as 'rigid' as people think it is, it is the most liberating life ever.

Inside Woman: What confirmed in your mind that you should proceed with the project?

Mapule Lebata: Well, as I had always wanted to make it happen, but as you might know how it is never easy to take that first step. I was in church the other day when Grace was preached and I just knew that Grace is available to make anything possible. I believed the Word and I put it to work.

Inside woman: What is your ultimate vision for the Gospel Hub?

Mapule Lebata: Hmmm, as the name says. It is a hub, it is the voice that speaks to each and everyone's heart, and it is a hub of solutions, comfort, knowledge, freedom, wisdom and fun. I thank God for the Holy Spirit because that's what I saw when this idea came to mind. is not just an entertainment blog, it is a knowledge base blog.

Inside Woman: Is there a message in your that you want readers to grasp via Gospel Hub?

Mapule Lebata: Oh yes, I always say " you can't do anything with whatever happened in your past, whatever happens in your present but you can do something with what is in the future". My motto is 'anything is possible'. People must just have faith in God, believe His Word because He is faithful. Some years back, I lacked knowledge of the Word, so my life was just all over the place, I was not in control at all, I didn't know that I could change things and 'create' my life. When I received and learned the Word and I allowed the Holy Spirit to take over my life, my life completely changed. With that all being said, the important message is this 'get knowledge as much as you can so that you always know what to do and as a child of God. Let your light shine!

Inside Woman:  How do you find the balance between staying true to the scripture and your creative interpretation?

Mapule Lebata: I have learned that the more I let the Holy Spirit to be in control, the more I get things right. Whenever I have to think 'hard' about something, I just know that God is not in it. I have had moments where I'd think about a verse and just never get it, then after some time, even when I've forgotten about that, the Holy Spirit will just give it to me. So it is so simple, it is not about creative interpretation or human wisdom.

Inside Woman: How do you decide on what to publish and what not to publish?

Pules Lebata: I do not publish anything that does not edify and benefit a person; I believe that if someone has to spend two minutes reading anything on the blog, they must learn something valuable, something that can benefit them. My prayer has always been this: "Father, as they read the blog, they must get solutions to their problems, they must be encouraged, revived and must get more knowledge to deal with whatever that may come their way, in Jesus’ name”.

Inside Woman: What do you think are the pressing issues that are faces by Christians today?

Mapule Lebata: A lack of knowledge of who they are as Christians. A Christian should not be crying and getting depressed when going through challenges. The fact is, as Christian, Christ is in and with us and nothing can be greater than that. So anything else that comes your way cannot win no matter what, because God is with you. But when a Christian does not know all this, he/she will always be defeated by challenges. It should not be this way. Jesus was challenged all the way but He was never a victim, He was always victorious in all thing, even over death.

Inside Woman: What do you enjoy about editing Gospel Hub?

Mapule Lebata: Hmmmm, everything, working on the blog is an antidote of some sort. I remember at first I was concerned about content, to have fresh content all the time on the blog. But The Holy Spirit reminded me that this is not 'Work', it is 'service’. Meaning that it is not about a number of articles but about the quality of articles, no matter how few they may be. I love knowledge so I enjoy it because it allows me to share what I know with other people. I have also met very influential people because of working on the blog. It is just glorious and I know that the blog is making so much progress and I receive testimonies all the time. Glory be to God!

Inside Woman:  What challenges have you encountered in setting up and running your business, and how have you overcome them?

Mapule Lebata: Look, the Bible says" commit your actions to lord and your plans will succeed"; I prayed a lot for this project, so I knew that it was a going to be a success. I thank God because as much as I am an idealist and full of faith, I am also very practical. I am trained and knowledgeable in project management so I had my work planned out and I managed the project very well. The only challenge was that I didn't know how to design the website so I had to depend on people, of which I knew that would be a challenge as I cannot control their effort on the project. I remember how I would push them *lol*, I'd call them all the time. I truly could not understand why they required so much time. Yes, I just could not understand because I know that if I have work to do, I'd rather not sleep at all. I am very strict when it comes to deadlines. But they eventually pulled through.

Inside Woman: Who or what has helped you succeed along the way?

Mapule Lebata: Aah, my Boss (The Holy Spirit) is wonderful; He is our ever present Helper. Secondly, my friend who is also the designer of the website, he had to adjust himself to the slave-driver that I am, and he would not get offended. I thank God for him. Also, the well-known people (celebrities) that never said no when I requested for interviews. God will always ensure that He sustains what He has started.

Inside Woman: How does prayer influence your decisions when it comes to Gospel Hub?

Mapule Lebata: Prayer is my life, I can't do without prayer. It puts me in an arena of faith, where I just know that anything is possible.

Inside Woman: What’s your message to women who are struggling to find their gifts?

Mapule Lebata: Know the Giver of the gift; so that He can crystallise the gift/vision and guide you as you unleash and unpack it. Commit to the vision; know why you want to do what you want to do; get knowledge pertaining to the vision; be disciplined, and honour people.

Inside Woman:  Do you see being the editor as a call from God?

Mapule Lebata: Of course yes, I love writing, I'd rather write than to talk, hahaha. I am not trained in this but because of the divine influence that is in my life, I just seem to do it well. But I'm also getting more knowledge and training to perfect it.

Inside Woman: What should we expect from Gospel Hub?

Mapule Lebata: By the grace of God, there is more to come. I'm in the process of getting together a Christian Club called Charis 'n Thingz Christian Club, it is a kind of a book club and social club for Christians but I can't reveal much about it now.  There are also inspirational sminars specifically for women, on the pipeline. will also feature articles by some well-known anointed men and women of God. More exciting content and obviously, to continue to profile Christians who are letting their light so shine! He who has begun this great work in me shall perform it until, until...#WatchThisSpace

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