Mentoring: Clara Mathe

Clara Mathe, is young, ambitious and business savvy and you should keep an eye on her as she grow into tomorrow's influencer and  business.  Here she talks to us before the official launch of Tilu Media which she started with her partner, Bahle Nhlapho.

Inside Woman: Please tell us how you got to know Jesus Christ as your personal saviour?

Clara Mathe: I grew up in a family with Christian values, but later with the freedom linked to becoming a young adult, I then started to follow paths that didn’t conform to Christian values that I grew up with. I then stepped out of the boundaries of God’s grace. Just like a prodigal son who went out of his father’s house (Luke 15:11 -32) I rejected Grace. After a series of unfortunate circumstances in my life, God was still calling and I accepted His Grace. This was in year 2010 when I accepted Jesus and now He is my Lord and Saviour and follow Him. 

Inside Woman:  Tell us a little bit about your company, Tilu Media?

Clara Mathe: Tilu Media is formed by two young Christian women, Clara Mathe and Bahle Nhlapho. The name “Tilu” is derived from the Tsonga meaning of “Heaven”it’s therefore by heavenly Grace that today we are one of the up and coming entrepreneurs. We are an events and media company. 

Inside Woman: Where did the idea come from?

Clara Mathe: I like to socialise and often go to social events, and having organised a couple of events at Church, at work and with friends I have gained the necessary experience to manage and organise events of any size. My business partner Bahle is a radio host  for a Christian radio station. What helped us with the business idea is that both Bahle and I have gone through similar unfortunate events and we were looking to reconstruct our lives. With our combined and various skills we decided to start a media and events business.

Clara Mathe


Inside Woman: You are in partnership with Bahle Nhlapo. How did you guys become partners?

Clara Mathe: I met Bahle through my brother who used to work with her; we attended the same events most of the time and eventually we became good friends. The idea to form the events and media business came about while we both wanted to venture into business. I was tired of working in the IT industry and started looking for a different career path but it had to be something that I would enjoy doing instead of just another career change. Bahle is passionate about media and events, and I have good organisational skills.

Inside Woman: How did you raise capital for your business?

Clara Mathe: The initial capital was raised through our life savings; in future we intend to attract investors through the way we run the business.

Inside Woman: Why do you think you will succeed when the stats say entrepreneurs don’t succeed?

Clara Mathe: I have crazy faith; in Philippians 4:13 the bible says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”The moment you think of limits then you make room for failure. It takes courage and believing in yourself to be a successful entrepreneur. Where there is a will there is a way. Raymond Ackermanof Pick n Pay said he had only 10 per cent capital and 90 per cent guts to start what is now a multi-billion chain of stores.

Inside Woman: Where do you see your business in 5 years’ time? 

Clara Mathe: In 5 five years we would like to be a well-established event and media organisation, with potential to expand into other services as a proudly South African brand.

Inside Women: What should we be expecting from yourself and Tilu Media in the coming months?

Clara Mathe: Expect a series of well organised and successful events managed by Tilu Media; in fact on the 25th of May we will be hosting a ladies fellowship at Arcadia Hotel. Registration is open to everyone; get more details below.

Inside Woman: What is your advice to Christian women and young girls struggling to find their true passion in life? 

Clara Mathe: Everyone has been blessed by God and given a talent, its only through trying that one discovers themselves, try and fail but never fail to try and don’t give up.

Inside Woman: Who has been the most influential person to your journey as an entrepreneur?

Clara Mathe: I was motivated by circumstances rather than a “specific person”.  We are all motivated differently, some by role models, others by events and others, like me, by circumstances.

Inside Woman: As a Christian, do you see this as your calling?

Clara Mathe: No, I believe my calling is in social development and community uplifting which I do through All Nations Revival Ministries through our Churches group called Kingdom Women.

Inside Woman: Do you have a mentor and what role do they play in your life?

Clara Mathe: My primary mentor is my mother Nomsa Mathe for playing a pillar role in the family and always being supportive. My second mentor is my spiritual director Dr. Nelisiwe Zimu for her invaluable spiritual guidance.

Inside woman: And what role does prayer play in your life?

Clara Mathe: Prayer is a vital element in my life and it is the means in which I communicate with my God. In every relationship communication plays an important role and without it the relationship has little chance to grow. Prayer helps me to keep an open communications channel between me my Father (God).

Inside Woman: What advice would you give to other up and coming entrepreneurs?

Clara Mathe: “Do what you love, and love what you do” as the saying goes. Don’t just start a business because you see someone succeeding in it rather start a business because you have a vision, a passion and you believe in it. What works for one person might not necessarily work for the other.

Inside Woman: So many of us are feeling stuck. What can we do to move forward to the promises of God?

Clara Mathe: As God’s child one should not  feel stuck. Jeremiah 29:11 God says “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Having said that one must believe in the promises of God and use His Grace to reach for His promises

Inside Woman: What’s your motto in life?

Clara Mathe: “I CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS”…… this always push me to find new strengths in me, always going for the extra mile and always wanting to do better than average.

Details of the I Am Woman Event 

Date : 25th May 2013
Time : 12:00 till 16:00
Dress Code : Smart Casual
Venue : Arcadia Hotel, Pta-Cnr Hamilton & Proes Str
Speaker : Mr Nhlanhla Zwane (Inspirational Speaker)
- Dr Nelly Sibisi Zimu
- Ms Lesego Tebele (Motivational Speaker)

MC :Bonolo Nkosi

Music :Maira Skosana nd Felicity Makoeya

Registration :R300 per person or R2800 for table of 10-includes buffet lunch
Banking details: A.B Mhlapho A/C:120431838490 B/C:470010 Capitec Bank
Registration is essential by the 15th May 2013 as space is limited

Fax dep.slip to 086 521 4149 or Email : or or sms name & surname to 0780811298 / 0835473101

For more info call Bahle 0780811298 or Clara Mathe 0835473101

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