Waiting on God

Raised in a pastor’s home, I grew up around various aspects of the ministry and always saw ministry as a way of life. From very early on, I knew ministry was my calling. I knew I wanted to spend my time helping people. I knew I would one day marry a preacher. And I thought I knew just how each part of this plan would come to pass.

Well, I was wrong about how the plan would come to pass. I came to discover that the Bible is indeed true — God’s thoughts are not my thoughts (Isa. 55:8)! And God’s plan was not my plan. Yes, ministry is my calling. And yes, I have spent the better part of my life helping people. I even married a preacher! But there was a time in my life when I didn’t know how any of this was ever going to happen.

When I was 29 years old, Ken and I had been married nine years. Together, we were active in the ministry, helping his father, Kenneth E. Hagin, and helping people.

Then there came a time when I was no longer in the ministry. My husband was still in the ministry; he was busy starting Rhema Bible Training Center. But I was a mother with two young children who needed a lot of my attention. My place in ministry seemed to have disappeared.

I couldn’t help thinking, “What about my calling to the ministry? What about my helping people? What about God’s plan for my life?”

Then I began wondering, “What is God’s plan for my life? For the first time, I wasn’t active in ministry. What was going on? Was I to remain quietly on the sidelines while my husband moved on in ministry?”

Your Place in the World

Sometimes it’s difficult to find your place in the world. Everybody thinks they know what you’re supposed to do with your life and they feel free to share their opinions. But in our heart, we hold dreams of what we want to be, and we hear the divine calling of God’s plan for our life.

As you face your daily to-do list, God’s plan for your life may seem far away. At times, you may even wonder whether you only imagined those things He spoke to your heart. And at times, you may look around and see other people (even those you love) move ahead with their plans and wonder why it’s taking so long for God to reveal the next step in His plan for you.

But God’s timing is perfect. He knows the secrets in your heart and the dreams He gave you — dreams He still plans to make come true. God loves you; you matter to Him. And He is actively working on your behalf to fashion you according to His plan for your life — the plan He destined for you before time began.

If you are wondering what you’re supposed to do in the meantime — while you’re waiting for what God spoke to come to pass — you are not alone.

In 1974, I had prayed desperately and earnestly, “God, what would You have for my life? What would you have me to do?” It was a point in my life when I desperately needed to know what

God had planned for me. Until that time, I had always been involved in some aspect of ministry. But in 1974, at the time when I began to seek God for His plan for me, my place in ministry had seemed to disappear. My children were young. Rhema Bible Training Center had just started, and my husband was quite busy taking care of the school.

This season of my life was a real quiet time of ministry for me. It seemed that my only involvement in ministry was through prayer. Praying was all I could do at that time. So I began praying, “Lord, what do You have planned for me?”

As I prayed day after day after day, the Lord began to drop some things into my heart. And when I was 29 years old, one of the things He revealed to me was that I would someday host a conference for women. He did not tell me when. He told me that He would let me know when the time was right, saying, “I’ll let you know when the time comes that these things I have told you will be fulfilled, and you will walk out My plan one step at a time.”

Prayers Fulfilled

More than 25 years later, in January 2001, as I was praying, the Lord let me know, “Now! Now is the time!” The first annual Kindle the Flame Women’s Conference, held September 27–29, 2001, fulfilled one of the dreams the Lord put in my heart so long ago — the dream to ignite the spark of divine purpose within each woman so she could return to her family and job with fresh enthusiasm.

Over the years, I protected the dream God had given me, hiding His instructions in my heart. Even when it seemed in the natural that things weren’t happening, I held on to His promises. During the years when I was focused on raising my children and supporting my husband’s ministry (those years when I wasn’t active in ministry and was nowhere close to holding annual women’s conferences) I held on to God’s plan for my life. I prayed about it, protected the dreams, and waited for just the right time — God’s time!

Perhaps you have held something in your heart for many years, and you have wondered, “God, when will Your plan for my life come to pass?”

The Lord is saying that He has kept you for such a time as this! Each one of us may have already accomplished something for God, but God has a special purpose for us at this time and in this hour!

Each and every one of us is called. And if you feel unqualified, I want to encourage you. God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called! And if you will totally rely on the Lord your God, you will accomplish what He has called you to do.

For good reason, the Scripture passage we chose for the Kindle the Flame conference is Psalm 18:28 and 29 from the New International Version. It says, You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall. It doesn’t matter how tall the wall is that blocks the path God has called you to walk. With God, you are able to overcome it!


God has a plan and a purpose for your life. His Word proves it time and time again. First Corinthians 2:9 says that no eye has seen and no ear has heard the wonderful things that God has prepared for you.

Today is your beginning. You have a divine destiny! You have a gift from God and you are a gift from God. You are special to God. And you should say as David did, I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. [Psalm 139:14]

Each of us at one time or another has probably wanted to be something that we’re not. Almost everyone has something they would like to change about themselves.

Well, God made us just the way He wanted us. And it’s important not to criticize His workmanship! He made us perfect according to His specifications, so we can feel good about ourselves. We can say as David did, Marvelous are Your works, O Lord. Or, in today’s language, “Lord, You did a good job when You made me.” Don’t criticize yourself — you are God’s creation, His masterpiece! He has had a plan for your life from the very beginning. He has a special mission for you — a mission that only you can accomplish!

You may have started on that mission many years ago and have since taken a detour. Maybe you’ve taken several detours and have encountered many roadblocks along the way. You may have gotten so far off course that you think you will never find your way back.

Don’t worry about finding your way back to God’s plan for your life. You don’t have to find your way to Him, because He has found His way to you! It’s as if God is saying, “I left the main road in order to find you. I am picking you up now and putting you back on your course in life.”

Passionate, prayerful, prophetic ... these words describe the ministry of Rev. Lynette Hagin. Spurring believers everywhere to step up higher spiritually, Lynette is a leader in declaring the greater move of God in this last day. Lynette serves as Director of Rhema Bible Training Center and General Manager of Kenneth Hagin Ministries, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and assists her husband, Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr., in pastoring Rhem Bible Church. Her leadership in ministry has been instrumental in shaping the lives of thousands of women through her annual Kindle the Flame Women’s Conference. And many more lives are touched through “RHEMA Praise,” a weekly television broadcast she co-hosts with her husband. She is ordained through Rhema Ministerial Association International.

Adapted from Chapter 1 of Rev. Lynette Hagin’s new book, Hey, God, Why Is It Taking So Long? For more information about Lynette’s products and events or to learn more about Rhema Bible Training Center, visit www.rhema.org