Heart to Heart with MiMi Atkins

In this heart to heart with Mimi Atkins,  we talk about her love for Jesus, her joy in writing children's books and keys on being a Godly woman. Jesus is her life and she loves spreading God’s love always. Here is the interview with her.

Inside Woman: There are so many religions out there, why have you made the Lord Jesus Christ your personal Saviour?

MiMi Atkins: I sampled a few other religions – Buddhism, Catholicism, Jehovah Witness, and Scientology. I admit that I was curious and if I was going to believe in something I wanted it to be worth living and dying for. The aforementioned are all religions and there are things you must “do” to feel like you are those “labels.” I am not a regimented or routine person and those religions are very much so ritual driven. And what I mean is “do this” and “do that.” Religion says, “Do.” Christianity says, “Done.” I always knew about Christianity, but it was so complex when presented to me but when “I” began to study the Bible alone, outside of church, that is when I discovered what Christianity really and truly was. It is RELATIONSHIP. I can’t stress that enough. Jesus is NOT contained in some box. I chose Christianity because it offers Salvation, a Saviour, and it changed my life because it required ME to do something – take up my cross and follow Jesus and God will do the rest of the work in me. My role is to obey His Word.

Inside Woman: Can a person have a relationship with God apart from Jesus Christ?

MiMi Atkins: No, the Bible (John 14:6) strictly says that “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through “me” and that “me” is Jesus Christ. You can’t access God without first accessing Jesus and accepting him as your Lord and Saviour.

Inside Woman: What where you struggles as a young woman growing up?

MiMi Atkins: I was physically and verbally abused so I struggled with emotional voids - the desire to be loved, accepted, wanted, and needed. I was so lost because I never truly knew love growing up. All the love I knew had conditions and that is not what love is at all.

Inside Woman:  What’s the importance of intimacy with God through prayer and intercession for you?

MiMi Atkins: Prayer is the closest we get to God. It is how we connect with Him. Intercession allows for intimacy because you stand in the gap for someone else and go before God for that person or persons. That’s powerful and selfless and God wants us to be selfless as Jesus told us to “love thy neighbour as thy love thyself” (Mark 12:31).

Inside Woman: There’s so much confusion about what’s Biblically correct. How do you clearly, unmistakably know that it is God speaking to you, not the devil or your own voice?

MiMi Atkins: God speaks through His Word and through signs. You know it is God because it aligns up with what the Bible says and it comes to pass as He promises. I can’t say how God speaks to others but I know His voice and it is a gentle whisper to me.

Inside Woman: What new lessons is the Lord teaching you right now?

MiMi Atkins: To be patient and to know there are times when I need to be silent so I can hear Him speak. He also revealed to me that I still have to totally surrender areas of my life that I cling to. I can’t trust Him if I am still entrusting myself with aspects of my life. He wants TOTAL surrender.

Inside Woman:  How can we as Christians show people God’s love?

MiMi Atkins: As I said earlier, adopt Mark 12:31. Be a servant and have a servant’s heart. Help people and be kind to them. Extend your hands and your heart to others. Love as Jesus did.  John 3:16 states, “For God so loved, he gave.” And we shall do the same. Give love.

Inside Woman: Nowadays many women are very aggressive and desperate when it comes to securing a husband. What can they do to trust God to orchestrate their love story?

MiMi Atkins: They can do what you simply suggested, trust in God. His way is better than ours and He is the author of love, so when the time is right, the woman will be presented just as Eve was presented. Until then we should stay hidden so God can prepare us for that person.

Inside Woman: Do you struggle with being single and what message do you have for single women reading this?

MiMi Atkins: I do. I get lonely because that is human nature. But that is a feeling and feelings are temporal and fleeting. There is much to be done as a single woman to occupy my time such as growing in my faith and allowing God to heal me in broken areas so I can be ready for the man God has for me. Being single is a blessing more than it is a curse as singles have less distractions and are more accessible for the Lord’s work.

Inside Woman: Is sex before marriage wrong and why?

MiMi Atkins: Yes, it is. And I wish I would have known the reasons why as a teenager. Everyone told us not to do it but the spiritual ramifications were never addressed. Sex is physical intimacy and there is a bond that takes place when this intimacy is shared and outside of marriage this bond is broken when people go their separate ways in the course of “dating.” Dating around is not Godly and it creates problems because it creates lust and if acted upon leads to fornication which leads to soul ties that were destined only for marriage. I explain more in my blog on mercymimi.blogspot.com. I could answer this question in a dissertation, I think.

Inside Woman:  How important is for you to have the support of matured Christian women surrounding you?   

MiMi Atkins: Very important. Christianity can be a lonely road when you are all in for God because you no longer blend in with the world nor do you care to. Your life is aligned with the Bible and its truths not the world and its myths, so having a network of like-minded individuals in your midst is crucial for accountability and visibility purposes. We all need that anchor.

Inside Woman:  It seems that women (more so than men) tend to struggle with issues like gossip and backbiting, and are often too quick to take offense. How can we help women to curb those so called natural female tendencies to really have healthy relationships that last?

MiMi Atkins: I am guilty of the “take offense easily” and when we find that is our struggle then we need to lay at the feet of Jesus to get help with it. It involves getting to the root of the problem and why you feel the need to do that.  Gossiping and backbiting are prevalent because people are not secure in who God made them to be so in that insecurity, it is best to focus on someone else other than self but I will say Christians are guilty of using “prayer requests” as means to gossip or exploit others and that is not nice. The root needs to be examined and so does the character of such person. Repentance is necessary and Jesus’s help to transform hearts in such issues.

Inside Woman: As a woman does it matter how you look like on the outside? 

MiMi Atkins: In society, yes it does. A woman is a physical being – one to be lusted after. We are more than items of lust. In God’s eyes we are valuable and prized far above rubies when we seek to be virtuous as Proverbs 31 indicates.

Inside Woman:  What is your view on how women of God should dress? And is this still an issue that needs to be addressed?

MiMi Atkins: I think women should dress modestly. Modest is hottest. And it needs addressing because it is a rampant issue because the way today’s society of women dresses it leaves little to the imagination and causes men to lust. 

Inside Woman: There are so many negative influences bombarding women from a very early age about what is acceptable, attractive and appropriate. How can women combat and avoid these poor influences to ensure that they are God instructed rather than world instructed?

MiMi Atkins: Read the Bible and seek Godly counsel from women who are strong in their faith.

Inside Woman:  When you were girl, was it always your dream to be a writer, or did God place that in your heart later?

MiMi Atkins:  What a nice question. Yes, I have always been a writer. My imagination runs wild and it has as a child. I’ve always lived in other places in my mind and I’ve been other people a million times over. I started writing stories when I was in kindergarten and before then I was an oral story teller. Writing is my life, pretty much.

Inside Woman: How did finding your true passion impact your life?

MiMi Atkins:  It created a sense of sincerity and validity of who I was as a person and who God created me to be. In finding my passion, I found my God destined purpose.

Inside Woman: How has being published changed your life?

MiMi Atkins:  I am recognized and creditable as an author. People smile at me and want to talk to me. I even get asked for my autograph and to take pictures. One of the greatest things is sharing Jesus with others as I share my book.

Inside Woman: If you could spend a day with one person who is currently alive, who would it be and why?

MiMi Atkins: Nick Vujicic . I just heard about his “No Legs, No Arms, No Worries” crusade and his optimism and faith in God is immense despite his disability. I want to hug him. I really do.

Inside Woman: How would you introduce Jesus Christ to a woman engrossed in depression, oppression and pain? 

MiMi Atkins: I’d share my testimony because I was there at one point in my life and I survived and am healing thanks to Christ. I would also tell her that she is closest to Christ because she is broken and he works best when we are broken. Also, what she is going through, Christ endured as well when he was on the cross.

Inside Woman: Would you call yourself a Christian fiction writer or a fiction writer who happens to be a Christian? Why?

MiMi Atkins: I am the first. I identify myself as a Christian before anything else. That’s who I am and proud to be. I don’t think anyone “happens” upon Christianity. We choose Jesus. It’s a choice we make.

Inside Woman:  If you could sit down with some of the young girls and women who want to pursue writing as a career, what would you say to them?

MiMi Atkins:  Write. Write. Write. I can’t stress enough how important writing is for a writer’s career. We have to practice our craft.

Inside Woman: When you are not working what do you do to relax?

MiMi Atkins:  I travel. I love to travel. I like to get in my car or hop on a plane and just go. I read for voyeurism, too.

Inside Woman: Do you have any words of encouragement for women who are dealing with depression and feeling hopeless? 

MiMi Atkins:  Yes, there is hope in Jesus Christ.  He says in Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

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