Enter into His rest

Enter into His rest. Release worry to the care of your faithful God. Trust Him. . Let those anxious thoughts flow into the river of forgetfulness. Let them be washed away now.

Come and enter into the place of God's presence. Enter into His rest. Let Him take your cares, and burdens for a few minutes and come into His rest. Let Him refresh your spirit. Step through that portal between this earthly realm and the realm of the Spirit where He awaits you.

Here in the quiet, let Him breathe new life into your Spirit as God's peace settles upon your soul. His hands are extended to take your cares upon Himself for He cares for you. Allow the Holy Spirit to refresh you and minister His peace.


Can you feel that quiet enveloping your soul?

In His presence all fear is gone. In His presence the cares of this world diminish. In His presence the anxious thoughts are quieted. New perspective emerges as you rest from the striving.

There is no formula, no ritual, just fresh spontaneous interchange between you and the Creator who longs to bless you in His presence and enjoy time with you.


Come, Holy Spirit! Come, Comforter! Come, Power of the Living God! Bring your peace and your encouragement this day.

May the faithful Father enfold you with His amazing love. May He wrap you in His peace that passes understanding. May He pour out His hope and quicken your spirit to receive His rest now. May the Holy Spirit, impart the degree of faith required for this day, this time, this season. May the Lord show you, once again, His incredible faithfulness. May you walk through this day all wrapped up in God's loving presence, anticipating His amazing grace to be revealed, one moment at a time. May the favor of the Lord be on all that you do. May you know the Lord better at the end of this day, than you did at the the beginning.

Read and study: Hebrews 4