Why invest with Satrix?

Satrix offers investors easy, cost effective access to the markets through a wide range of passively managed investment products. We believe that diversified market exposure can be achieved at a relatively low cost, without necessarily compromising on investment performance.
Our index-based products provide investment solutions that are transparent and easy to understand.
With minimum investments as low as R300 per month month through a debit order or R1000 lump sum, depending on the product type and platform chosen, now everyone can own the market.

Our Capability
Satrix is one of the largest index investment houses in South Africa, with over R40 billion in assets from both institutional and retail investors. According to research by Blackrock (a global ETP house) Satrix is the largest ETF provider in the Africa Middle East region based on assets under management. We are fortunate to boast an experienced team with a solid long-term track record in the passive investment arena.

  • Core elements of our offering

  • Low-cost market exposure

  • Easy, flexible and cost effective access

  • Diversified product options

  • Transparent and easy to understand


ETFs and Unit Trusts now available

Satrix now offers an exciting and comprehensive range of both Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and index tracking Unit Trusts (UTs). Although having similar investment objectives (to track or replicate the index over which they have been established) each of these two types of investment vehicles has different characteristics, so you need to decide which one works best for you base on your needs and circumstances

While both give you exposure to the constituents (their performance) of an underlying index, ETFs are listed on the stock exchange and can therfore be traded intra-day at prevailing market prices at anytime the exchange is open, whereas UTs are priced once a day and can only be traded directly via the management company (or manco, such as Satrix Managers (Pty) Limited.

Both ETFs and UTs are portfolios established under registered collective investment schemes regulated by the Financial Services Board (FSB) – they are pooled vehicles whereby the assets held in the portfolio acquired utilizing the investors funds are collectively managed by the asset manager. The investors in the portfolio accordingly have a proportionate undivided interest (based on the number of participatory units held) in the returns of the applicable portfolio. Both vehicles however offer you easy access to a wide range of indices (and therefore diversified performance) across various asset classes, investment styles and sectors of the market allowing you to own your share of the market through a single, cost-effective investment.