Sarah Jakes shares the love

Daughter of TD Jakes, Sarah Jakes shares the love and how wisely, freely and strongly she feels after her divorce.

Call me na├»ve, call me young, call me what you want… I believe in love. I look at my children and know that I would lay my life down to save theirs… without hesitation… without a second thought. I believe in love that doesn’t ignore wrongs, but pushes past it to find the right. I have known love that stands as a wall around me in the face of adversity, protecting me from a harsh world.

I have seen love that silences personal thoughts and opinions, to spare pain from the one they love. I have witnessed love that casts the perfect shadow in the scorching heat of heartbreak. I believe in that giddy, conquers all, we can take on the world love…

I trust love… I trust that no matter what happens, love will see us through. I trust that love can see my mistakes and beauty at the same time, never loving me any less. I don’t believe what “they” say when they tell me love will make me weak. Love has picked me up when I couldn’t find my own way, filling the gap that exists between making my weakness a strength. I believe love is patient, because it knows it cannot be denied… Love is what wakes me up in the middle of the night to pray for my children. Love is what guided me out of harm’s way… Love is what protected me from the things I didn’t understand, but wanted so badly to know.

Love has mended the heart of the most shattered people. Love has provided warmth in life’s coldest days, reminding me I am not alone. My family did not just say they loved me, they showed me… There were plenty of times they could have turned their back, leaving me to muddle in my own pool of wrong… but love picked me up, cleaned me off, and carried my head up high until I gained the strength to do it on my own.

Even though many people masquerade lust as love, I will not be swayed… I will not give up, because I believe in love… I have experienced too much love to ever turn my back on it. Love cannot be seen, it isn’t always felt, but in the most needed moments, it wraps itself around us like skin, marking all that we touch with our love prints…

I pray that life never robs us of the treasure, that is love. Too many times we give up on love because someone abused it… Someone broke us. We become afraid to feel the warmth of love flee, so we choose to adjust to the cold of this world… But true love should begin on the inside. It should exist in the deepest part of our soul so it is not easily robbed… It should burn fervently so that it can melt the ice that life brings… Yea, I believe in love, in the beauty it possesses and the pain it heals. I cannot believe in God and not believe in love, for they are one in the same. I cannot trust God, and not trust love… Just as we must be cautious who we allow to lead us to God, we must also be careful who we let show us love… Love is too powerful to be administered by someone you cannot trust… Love is medicine for the soul, but if given to the wrong person, what is meant to help you, will hurt you… Love is too powerful to be shackled by your past… Love wisely, strongly, and freely…

About the author: 

Sarah Jakes is a take-charge businesswoman, writer, and media personality who expertly balances career, ministry and family. Currently, Sarah oversees the women’s ministry at The Potter’s House of Dallas, a multicultural, non-denominational church and humanitarian organization led by Bishop T.D. Jakes, which consists of more than 30,000 members, four campuses and a Spanish-language church, Casa de Fe. In addition to her duties at The Potter’s House, Sarah is an on-air television personality, periodically serving as a host of “The Potter’s Touch,” a daily inspirational television broadcast on Daystar Television Network, The Word Network, Inspiration Network and Trinity Broadcast Network.