Gifted to Serve: Busisiwe Ncube

Let’s not look over our shoulders to see what others are doing or not doing. Look at how God may be able to use you in His kingdom today. He has gifted you just as He has pleased.

Name: Busisiwe Ncube

Occupation: Student

Church Name: Agape Family Church (Vosloorus)

Position at Church: Child Minister and Youth Leadership

Inside Woman: Tell us a little about yourself:

Busisiwe Ncube: I'm a child of the Kingdom and I seek after my Father's heart and I do all to bring glory to His name. I'm 24 years old and I'm studying Bachelor of Education. I enjoy teaching young people and love being involved in the women's ministry. I also studied a bit of Interior Designing.

Inside Woman: How long have you been with the Church?

Busisiwe Ncube: I was born again there and its been a blessed 10 years now.

Inside Woman: How did you know for sure that you are called to serve within your local Church?

Busisiwe Ncube: Wow,firstly I have a servant's heart so I have always had this passion. And as a grew in the Lord, I asked for confirmation from the Lord as to where He was leading me to serve. I found my heart was at peace with the ministries He placed me in and there was no strife when I do all that's required of me. There were also men and women of God who spoke a word of confirmation over me life and all I do interlinks with who I am and my path.


Inside Woman: What is the most spiritually renewing aspect of serving and what keeps you going?

Busisiwe Ncube: The most renewing has to be when I see the people of God learning and hungering more for their encounter with the Father. Seeing them grow in knowledge, understanding, wisdom and love for God touches my heart. Then what keeps me going is my longing to be the Bride and to meet my Groom, oh what a day that will be, when Heaven opens up and He comes to meet with us again...I just HAVE TO be a part of that.

Inside Woman: How important is prayer and studying the Word for a woman serving within the Church?

Busisiwe Ncube: It is essential! I have found that as a well I can't water God's people without having water in me. His people are not coming to see or hear me but they are seeking what is from our Father inside of me.  I therefore can't give them my opinion but I have to give them what is from our Father. Without prayer and reading the Word killing my own sibling and endangering us all with false doctrine and teachings. I'm also endangering myself and I'm putting my own life at risk for the Word is my armour without it,I'm weak to the Devil's attacks.

Inside Woman: Why do you think it is important for Christian women to serve within their local Church?

Busisiwe Ncube: I believe it helps build you as a person. It shapes your character and gives you a preview of how God does things.

Inside Woman: What would you say to women who are wondering about how they fit into the Body of Christ?

Busisiwe Ncube: I would say,we are all made beautifully and fearfully in His image. All of us have a special role in this body,whether we are organs (hidden from the naked eye) or are the skin (the outer layer) - we are important. So find your purpose and embrace it whether its within the Church building or its serving nations,or being in the secret chambers interceding for the body of Christ,or clothing it - you have a unique role, love it because no one else can do it like you can.

Inside Woman: So what would you say to those women who are still searching for His will and what to do next in their life?

Busisiwe Ncube: I would encourage them to keep seeking after Him and His Kingdom. My Father is faithful and will reveal to them in the perfect moment where they should go and what to do there and while waiting take this time to fill themselves up with His word.

Inside Woman: Which Christian women do you take most of your personal inspiration from-either inside or outside your own church?

Busisiwe Ncube: That would be my spiritual mother and pastor's wife, Mrs Mosoeu. She has taught me so much and has held my hand as I keep on growing in the Lord.

Inside Woman: In one sentence, what do you believe God really wants from his daughters?

Busisiwe Ncube: I truly believe He wants us to surrender our hearts wholly to Him and to trust Him that our hearts are in the best Hands. The rest will automatically unfold because we are in His perfect presence...