Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is here!  The sky is blue, the grass is growing, and the air is fragrant with the smell of flowers. As clean air and light pour in, you may feel inspired to let that freshness into everything—your physical space, your mind, your body. This spring, breathe newness into your life by incorporating some simple “spring cleaning” suggestions to your day.

  1. Love your family. Appreciate them, spend time with them and let them know that they matter to you.

  2. Inspect your relations with friends and pray about them. Sometimes God allows people in our lives for a reason even when they are using us. Remember that prayer that you prayed: “Lord, use me”. There you have it then, God is using to help that person. Never mind them just trust God and when the time is right he will release you.

  3. Spread God’s love a little bit more. Share the Gospel. I know we are all shy but think about it. If it wasn’t you in those people shoes wouldn’t you want to know that God loves you and He’s not angry with you? I know I would, so come now ask the Holy Spirit to help you and start sharing the Good News!

  4. Eat a balanced diet and sleep well – this boosts energy and reduces stress.

  5. Give all you haven’t used for over six months to friends or charity – it relieves you, helps others and allows space for new opportunities.

  6. Try to find ways of doing things that are necessary but have been a bore. Open your mind to learning something new every day or every week at least.

  7. Try to drink eight glasses of water. Water is good for flashing out waster from your body. Try some green tea. Mint green tea from Woolworths is nice.

  8. Make sure you shave – your armpits, your legs, your (you know what, LOL). Yes I know Eve didn’t shave in the Garden of Eden but it’s because she was perfect! And you are not so please do it.

  9. Try to make your life as simple as you can. Let go of ideas, attitudes and feelings and let God.


Life starts fresh each day. So make sure that you're not trailing along yesterday's trash ~ Melissa Wadsworth