Heart To Heart: Christill Cave

In a world where so many young people are confused about what is right and wrong, we still find God working in so many youths.We speak to the inspiring Christill Cave about her relationshi with Jesus.
Inside Woman: Tell us about yourself.

Christill Cave:  I was born in Port Shepstone but I grew up in Durban and matriculated in Mariannridge Secondary School.  When I was still in high school I didn't really concentrate to much on the Word of God until one day last year  while I was watching a show on television about homeless kids who didn't have any shelter and their parents have passed on. The two little girls engaged themselves in drugs and prostitution. I really don't know what happened then but I knew deep inside my heart that I felt something so strong inside me that moved me. When I passed Matric I came to Johannesburg and now I'm studying at Midrand Graduate Institute. On the 5th of February at Every Nation Midrand Church, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Ever since then my life has been filled with blessings and miracles. My passion about God is unexplainable for He has anointed my head with oil and my cup overflows with blessings.

Inside Woman: Tell us about Youth In Action.

Christill Cave: Youth In Action is a social organisation that was formed in 2009. It was name that was formed for a mini enterprise programme which was offered by Junior Achievement. I was involved in the mini enterprise programme and I came up with the name Youth In Action for our company. We had to come up with a product to sell and the money that we made was for charity. Junior Achievement inspired me that one day I would be able to have my own organisation and be in the business industry and help the kids that don't have anything. In the programme I was voted to be a stock controller and assistants sales manager.  Youth in action is currently under a procedure of being successfully registered.

Inside Woman: What do you do for the youth?

Christill Cave: Youth In Action is a youth organisation that helps the homeless kids that don't have any facilities. We try our best to fulfill our purpose that God has showed us.  Our Mission is to develop the youth holistically, to bring about a unity amongst the african countries through the youth and by so doing, help to heal the continent. We also educate youth about the Word of God and how precious it is to give back to the community. Our aim is not to please but to serve. We want youths to have basic skills when it comes to helping, learning and also spreading the Word of God. Our mission is to spread the “Nothing is impossible” mindset. We want youth to experience love, inspiration and also hope.

Inside Woman: What is your role in the organisation?

Christill Cave: My role as founder of Youth In Action entails a lot. I have a team that is very powerful and mostly understanding. I don't see myself better than the other members but I see myself as a child of God that has been put into this project and planet earth to serve the purpose that God has given me. The volunteers that are under youth in action are supportive. I have a prayerful team that believes in helping and serving God. My role as founder and impacting the community is basically me being true to myself and acting like a leader because you can't expect people to look up to you while you not doing what you promised. I see myself as a role model to other young people and that they can also fulfill their dreams no matter what happens in their lives. If they believe in God all things are possible.

Inside Woman: Tell us about the struggles that youth face today?

Christill Cave: The biggest struggles that youth face today is a lack of confidence. They don't believe in miracles because I believe that when God steps in, miracles happen. Young people are structered with negatives impacts that influence them to make bad decision in their lives. Drugs, alcohol and not engaging themselves in positive activities and bad habits is a lack of faith in God. I believe that the more young people engage themselves to having faith and believing in God, most of the challenges faced would be overcome.

Inside Woman: What has life been teaching you?

Christill Cave:  Life lessons I have learned is that sometimes the greatest moments happen unplanned and the greatest regrets occur from not reaching what is planned. God knows how much we can handle. Before young people reach adulthood I think that you need to have respect, respect is something that most young people don't have. When you respect other people and carry yourself in a respectable manner, other people will be see and give that back to you. If you grow up failing, never give up for you don't know what's in store for you. While growing up as teenagers things are happening fast  but I think having perseverance and not rushing to fulfill things will be a great achievement one day. Mostly if you put your trust in your One true God, you will have blessings.

Inside Woman: How has serving youth changed you?

Christill Cave: Serving the community has changed me completely and I'm really honored. Our first event that Youth In Action was involved in was this year 26 May at Ivory Park. We were under the guidance of Isandla sothando organization were we went to a support group named philani support group that carters for homeless kids with food and clothes. It was our first and most wonderful experience when we had to play games with the kids and motivate them about the word of God. Our upcoming event will be for Mandela day and also heritage day.

Inside Woman: Who is your role model?

Christill Cave:  My role model is GOD. And my favourite Scripture in the Bible is Psalms 23. The Lord is my Shepherd.

Inside Woman: What is your advice to young people reading this?

Christill Cave:  The advice I would give to young people is that you are more than conquerors and that you can rise above every difficult situation in your life - every challenge no matter how big it may be. Stop looking down on yourselves because you don't have the same material things that others have but instead lift your head up high and be proud of one thing, that you are the child of the King. Make the most of every opportunity that presents itself to make a difference in someone else life and take this country by storm because you have everything in you to do so. Believe in God.

Inside Woman: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Christill Cave:  My dream career is to be a magazine editor one day. I would also love to work for SABC. I love acting and I believe that one day I would make a good actress. I would like to have my own media company. I trust in God and I believe therefore I shall receive.

Inside Woman: How can we get in touch with you?

Christill Cave:  Anyone who would love to support Youth In Action can call 073 244 0113. I am on Twitter as: @Chrissy489. We would appreciate it if people could help us in terms of sponsorships. We can do all things through Christ who strengths us. God bless!