Feminine Leadership Potholes (part 2)

In feminine leadership potholes 1, we addressed the 4 potholes below.

  1. 1.      Aggressiveness – It is not good for any leader. Be it male or female.

  2. 2.      Approachability – your team is looking for a leader who is open and approachable.

  3. 3.      Lack of Empowerment –Do not be wary to empower your team. Not empowering them is the same as disempowering yourself.

  4. 4.      Avoiding team thinking and brainstorming – It is not benefiting you to think all by yourself. Embrace the spirit of group think. 

In this article we address the other four potholes of feminine leadership. It is imperative to be aware of these potholes and seek ways to avoid them.

1. Emotional Involvement…

Women have been blessed by the gift of nurturing.  They must not inhibit their emotional involvement when they are in Leadership. Inhibiting your emotional involvement can be a grave mistake. Show appreciation for the efforts and commitment your team are making. Do not be oblivious of good work. Catch somebody doing something good and reward good work. Do not detach yourself emotionally.

Beware not to be too emotionally involved though. There must be a limit as to how far you want to become involved emotionally. Let not your emotional involvement render you an ineffective leader. You need to remain objective. Your empathic nature must not tamper with your objectivity. You need to be very focused and diplomatic. This requires skill. Your leadership skill must truly be developed and defined so you become an effective leader. Trust me, in leadership, a certain amount of ruthlessness is necessary. So you see, you need to balance your leadership and know when to become emotionally involved and when to become ruthless. 

To avoid this pothole, ensure that you know when to become emotionally involved and when to become a ruthless leader!

2. Force

Using force in leadership can become a serious pothole. You lose your followers in the process. No one wants to feel like someone is ruling over them. Do not Lord it over people. If you become that kind of a leader where your word is final, it creates a problem to your followers. People tend to go slow if this is the case. Remember, you can achieve more through people. You need to treat people right. People must feel respected as well even if they are your subordinates or followers.   People choose to follow you. Much as they choose to follow you, they can still make a choice not to follow you. Force is not necessary!

To avoid this pothole, tap into your feminine power and fire. This power is built right in the inside of you. The power of feminine persuasion. Instead of using force, use your ability to persuade through constructive and diplomatic communication. The power to persuade is a superior leadership tactic which you already have as a woman. TAP INTO THE POWER OF FEMININE PERSUATION!

3. Gender stereotypes

Believe it or not, women are still facing discrimination. Be it in the church or workplace. However, it will be a mistake not to watch out for this. As a woman leader you do not need to defend your position. I think I like what Dr. John Tibane once said “make your deeds count”! As a woman leader you need to make sure that what you do counts as opposing to counting what you have done. Even though you are discriminated against, your deeds will stand out and will count for you.

To avoid this pothole, see what Dr. John C Maxwell says about the five levels of leadership.   I used these levels to develop my own leadership skills. I must say that, at any rate I do not want people to follow me because of position. I avoid that as much as I can .See why people choose to follow you. If you develop your leadership by practicing these levels, even those who really want to discriminate against you, may not be able to because of your leadership effectiveness and influence. You cannot be influential and get easily discriminated against. Your influence will always precede and nullify discrimination:

  1. POSITION: Rights – People follow because they have to.

  2. PERMISSION: Relationships – People follow because they want to.

  3. PRODUCTION: Results – People follow because of what you have done for the organization.

  4. PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT: Reproduction – People follow because of what you have done for them.

  5. PERSONHOOD: Respect – People follow because of who you are and what you represent.

Let people not follow you because they have to!

4. For the sake of it.

As a woman, do not be a leader just for the sake of it. Just because there is something called women empowerment, you find yourself in the leadership boat and yet you cannot deliver. This should be avoided at any cost.  You should be interested in the position and do the job with passion. Don’t become just any leader. Something must really have moved you to take up the leadership role. You must be committed to excellence. Don’t just lead for the sake of it!

To avoid this pothole you need to be committed to personal growth and excellence!


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