Gifted to Serve: Lentsu Nchabeleng

Let’s not look over our shoulders to see what others are doing or not doing. Look at how God may be able to use you in His kingdom today. He has gifted you just as He has pleased.

Name: Lentsu Nchabeleng

Occupation: Researcher

Church Name: Ebenezer Family Church

Position at Church: Events Team Leader under Ladies Ministry, Youth Leader, Organizer of Sistaz of virtue (SOV) Single ladies ministry.

Tell us a little about yourself: I am young, vibrant, loving but mostly God fearing. I believe in God and nothing makes me happy than helping someone else. I believe God has called me into the ministry of offering/giving because whenever I give a helping hand, joy fills my heart. I love talking, hence I studied Public Relations it just feels so foreign when I’m silent, so libraries are a no-go area for me.

How long have you been with the Church?

When I relocated back to Durban, Ebenezer became my Spiritual home so I have been serving under this ministry for 2 years now.

How did you know for sure that you are called to serve within your local Church?

The scripture says “Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all the same function”, with that been said I saw a gap at my church and I knew I was the one personally appointed by God to fulfill that role. So as a member of Christ body I know my function and I know my Heavenly Father is pleased with me as “a daughter and a servant”.

What is the most spiritually renewing aspect of serving and what keeps you going

Knowing that no matter what I encounter in life God is forever there and through my deeds many want to have an encounter with God. The scripture says faith without action is dead and I praise God for the wonderful works He does in my life so that people can see and Glory be given to Him who sits on the throne of mercy.


How important is prayer and studying the Word for a woman serving within the Church?

I believe that these two go hand in hand, for the word of God is life unto us and prayer is how we communicate His word with Him. When we pray we confess what is written in the word and God manifest our confessions into being. So the word of God is a strong weapon for any woman of God, things come into being through God’s word. Whatever you desire in your life just speak the word of God.

Why do you think it is important for Christian women to serve within their local Church?

Charity begins at home and serving in your own community will encourage other women to take the lead and function in the body of Christ. I solely believe serving in your own local church is vitally important especially for us young women who are growing in the Lord so that we can be living testimonies to those outside and inside our ministries. As a women we were fashioned to be helpers, so ladies let’s play our role in our local ministries.

What would you say to women who are wondering about how they fit into the Body of Christ?

God has chosen and blessed us before the creation of all things; He predestined us for greater things before we even came into being. We as women, we are so special to God that after He created everything, He made a man from dust then from His rib He fashioned us. We are so delicate and special that we had to be wrapped and protected. So to women out there, I say your true identity is in Christ, you will never know who you are until you know who Christ is.

So what would you say to those women who are still searching for His will and what to do next in their life?   

For He knows the plans He’s got for you, plans not to harm but to prosper you. Keep the faith!

Which Christian women do you take most of your personal inspiration from—either inside or outside your own church?  

Mam’Ndwandwe from my church, she is such an inspiration. If I have to describe her qualities I would say:

She’s got the hospitality of Lydia, the warm closeness of Ruth, the boldness of Esther and the submission of Mary. She is the woman drenched in proverbs 31

In one sentence, what do you believe God really wants from his daughters?

God wants us to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Did you Lentsu Nchabeleng inspire you? Share your story with us.