Mentoring: Wendy dos Santos Rocha

By reaching out to others we assist in building strong communities, achieve equality, and advance our own success. Wendy dos Santos Rocha does exactly that with her company, Divine Appointments.

Inside Woman:Tell us about yourself and how you ended up doing what you are doing now?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: I am a married mother of soon to be two children! I love God with all my heart and soul. My husband and I have both served our home church since 1998.  I have always helped people to get jobs. If someone tells me they are looking for a job, I’ve always done all I can to try and help them. If they didn’t have internet access, I’d spend hours going through the job sites to check if there were any suitable jobs advertised, if they didn’t have money to buy the newspaper, I’d even buy the newspaper for them. I’d send them interview tips, help research the company, etc. This resulted in many of my friends actually getting the jobs I had referred them to!! I’d get emails, phone calls, etc to ask me to help a friend’s friend who was looking for a job. I then realised that I could actually turn this passion of helping people into a business. It took me about three years to work on my business plan, save money and get started.

Inside Woman:Describe your recruitment company to us and how you felt God leading you to develop your company.

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: A Divine Appointment is ‘a meeting which was inspired and God led’. This is exactly what our agency is about – giving personalised attention and putting our very best into the business and facilitating “divine appointments” for both the candidate and the employer thereby creating long term partnerships for the company and the candidate.  My business was born out of passion to help others get their dream jobs. I really think my reaching out and helping people get jobs without me getting a cent out of it was God laying the foundation for me. I didn’t just start the company. I prayed about it for about 3 years, I had discussions with my husband until I felt the time was ready for me to start. And God’s timing is simply perfect! Within a month of starting to operate we had signed our first client!

Inside Woman: Divine Recruitments is I believe a link between

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: I believe Divine Recruitments is a link between the employer and the candidate. One of my biggest compliments was when one of my clients said to me that they have never worked with an agency that sends them such a high calibre of staff!

Inside Woman: How did you finance your business?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: I used the savings from my salary. I started the business while I was employed full time and I managed to save from my salary. I think its important to try as much as you can to start the business debt free. If you do a business plan, you will more or less know how much you need to start the business and you can therefore work on saving towards that.

Inside Woman: Did you have any formal business training? Do you think this is important to be successful in life?   

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: No I didn’t have any formal business training! I did however read a lot of material on running a business and attended some business seminars. I think its vitally important to have business training – its invaluable. I am now studying towards a Bcom Business Management degree with UNISA.


Inside Woman: What is it like to live out your dream?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: Oh there are now words that can explain how I felt when I made my first placement! God does answer prayers and dreams DO come true! My ultimate dream now is for Divine Recruitments to expand and have a nationwide foot print and eventually be able to do recruitment for companies in the rest of Africa.

Inside Woman:As you were coming up were there any other people who had an important influence on you? 

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: I am highly motivated by the many women who share their stories in different magazines – women who have gone out there and reached for their dreams. Just reading about them, how they started and where they are now, tells me if God could do it for them, he can do it for me too!

Inside Woman:At the end of the day, what's the most satisfying part of the job for you?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: Finding a job, and not just any job but a dream job for someone one who has been without a job for years! Its also fulfilling to find a perfect candidate for an employer who has been struggling to get a candidate who perfectly suits the position.

Inside Woman:How do you keep the weight of responsibility for your employees' lives from weighing you down, especially in a difficult business climate?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: I have personally not experienced this in my business – maybe because I have a team of freelance consultants and they work from their homes, maybe this has helped to elevate the problem? But I also pray for my consultants’ well being – their health, families, finances, etc. So

Inside Woman:How do you exalt Christ through your business?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: I make sure I tithe from my earnings, I also give to different causes and generally by doing all I can not to compromise the word of God – even if it means losing out on a contract. 

Inside Woman:What is the best thing about being a born again Christian?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha:Knowing that Christ died on that cross just for me – and that with God before me, nothing, absolutely nothing can be against me! This gives me the courage to face challenges. And ultimately, knowing that when I leave this earth, I’ll be going to my eternal home.

Inside Woman:Is it difficult to separate business and Christian principles than to integrate them?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: With regards to Divine Recruitments, I find its really not difficult to integrate Christian and business principles. I think once you determine in your heart that your business is dedicated to God and that no matter what happens, you will not compromise the word of God, then you can successfully integrate the two.

Inside Woman:Which creates a bigger sense of pressure for you in the workplace, your faith or your gender?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: I think my faith, as I absolutely refuse to do anything that compromises my faith and walk with Christ as this might result in me losing out on a number of opportunities. I find that gender does not really put much pressure on me as there are already a number of recruitment agencies which are run by women so those women have paved the way for us. 

Inside Woman:How can people become content with God's purpose for their lives, especially if it seems less visible or exciting than we'd envisioned or hoped?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: Trust God – the one who created you, the one who knows the number of hairs on your head. And above all remember God’s ways are not our ways – just because it does not feel as exciting as we think it should, does not mean it is not exciting!

Inside Woman:What do you tell the young women who look up to you?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: Be true to yourself. Be patient. Trust in God’s timing. Easier said than done? Not at all! Doing something right at the right time is so worth the wait! And while waiting, invest in yourself. Study, help others, do as much research as you can. 

Inside Woman:How important is prayer to making business decisions?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: Oh my – prayer is of the utmost importance! I realised that in some cases I’d discuss issues with my husband or friends first and then go to God in prayer – but by doing that, I approach God with all this advice from people and not really seeking Him in the decisions. I have learnt from my mistakes – approach God first before speaking to anyone else.  And not just when it comes to making decisions, but seek God in every single area of the business and your life. I personally pray for my candidates and for my clients’ businesses.

Inside Woman:How do you motivate yourself to go on when you face challenges?

Wendy Rocha:I love the scripture in Isaiah 45 which says God has gone before us and has made all the crooked paths straight. Another version says he has leveled the mountains for us.  It took me a long time but I now believe without a shadow of doubt that God will not allow me to be tested or tried beyond what I can cope with. And I also look at the bigger picture – I know that there is so much potential for my business and my life as a whole, and that these stumbling blocks are merely stepping stones to my destiny. When I’m feeling down reading Psalms and the book of Isaiah really helps me.

Inside Woman:If you had to do this all over again, what would you do differently?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: I would maybe first work for a recruitment company to gain as much experience as I can. Everything I know is self taught which is not always ideal. I have recently signed up for recruitment training with a much bigger agency than Divine Recruitments and I believe the training will add much value to myself and to the company.

Inside Woman: What advice do you have for Christian women who are just starting out in business? 

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: Write down your vision. That is the beginning. Write it down as the word commands us to. And then seek God – His word is true, when you seek Him with all your heart, ALL these other things shall be added unto you! Do a business plan, save, save, save and try as much as you can to start your business debt free. And when the money starts coming in, remember tithes and offerings – very important!!!

Inside Woman:What is your advice to Christian women and young girls struggling to find their true passion in life?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: Ask yourself what is it that you really love doing? What do you do without even thinking about getting paid for? What do you do without being asked to? What do you do without thinking twice about it? That is your passion!

Inside Woman:What can Christian women do to empower themselves?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha: Oh there is so much that we can do to empower ourselves! We can attend business seminars, network with other like minded Christian business women. There are also a number of Christian business initiatives that one can be part of.

Inside Woman:What’s your motto in life?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha:If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! Never give up!

Inside Woman: How do we get in touch with you?

Wendy dos Santos Rocha:

Cell: 083 419 5579
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