Heart to Heart: Chychy Ayodele

God is raising an army of women. I liken this new generation of women as Joshua and Caleb.  The Bible says that Joshua and Caleb “had a different spirit” (Num 14:24).   One such woman is none other than Chychy Ayodele. Here is her Heart to Heart with Inside Woman Online.

Inside Woman:  Please share your testimony of how you came to know Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Saviour?

Chychy Ayodele: I've known God since I was a little girl at the age of 8 years. I can't forget the encounter.  I was led by compassion to lay hands on a sick and dying man that was bed ridden for a year. He got up jumping shortly after I'd prayed for him and I knew it from then on that God had something in mind for my life. I was born to live for God, to be dedicated and separated for His service. But, I only gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 14. Nobody preached to me to give my life to Jesus Christ. I had a dream where a man spoke to me and said, “give your life to Jesus now". I woke up, got up, knelt down by my bed side and asked Jesus to come into my life, to take over my life, and be my Lord and my Saviour. I went to church on the same day and some ministers prayed for me and got me baptized in the Holy Ghost. I spoke in tongues and prophesied throughout that day until we got home.

Inside Woman: You are a lawyer by profession. At what point did you realize that you had a gift for singing and songwriting and you need to pursue this as a ministry?

Chychy Ayodele: I started singing and writing songs in my school notes at the age of 8. This infuriated my parents who wanted me to just be a trained as a lawyer and not as a musician. I secretly nurtured the desire for music until I was 19 years old when I was ordained a minister in Church. I've always persuaded God with my life so desperately because everything depends on it.

I released my debut album 'Beautiful GOD' in June 2011. My purpose as a minister of the gospel is to work for and with God in service to humanity. The focus of my ministry is to touch the hurting world with the love and life of Jesus Christ, and to be used by God to cause change and transformation in people's lives. My ministry is also to bring the nations to the knowledge of the timeless Word of God thereby turning the hearts of the nations to God.

Inside Woman: I see a lot of women birthing themselves out of ministry without the blessings of their spiritual parents. What messages do you have for them?

Chychy Ayodele: It all depends on the situation that prompted these women to go ahead in ministry without the blessing of their 'spiritual parents'. The call of God upon a woman's life is ultimately a personal duty and a Kingdom responsibility of the individual who's been called of God to labour and travail in prayer until the birthing of their ministry.  It's also a matter of personal choice and determination to fulfil their ministries as they partner with God, following God in holiness, purity, dedication, consecration and commitment to fulfil God's plans and purposes. So in a situation where those around them neither sees nor supports them to birth their ministries, these women probably took their destinies before God. For instance, Joseph's brethren refused to see and support his dreams, so Joseph took his destiny before God birthed it out with God, without his father and brothers, and they still came round and united. This is destiny!
This though does not mean that a woman called to ministry should be conceited and disrespectful to their spiritual parents. The blessings of spiritual parents are good and also important in ministry, and so, we must try as much as possible to maintain and sustain a good, fruitful, productive and lasting relationship with our spiritual parents.

Inside Woman: There are so many gospel singers around the world? Why do you think God is raising you up for such a time as this?

Chychy Ayodele: The more Gospel singers around the world, the better. The world needs to hear the Gospel. The Gospel should be preached to all the people of the world and righteousness to cover the earth as the waters covers the sea. So God will continue to raise people to stand in the gap, to preach the gospel, to spread the Word around the world through various avenues and channels. It can be through writing, singing, preaching, painting, arts, broadcasting or any other means. Actually, the work of one's hands (vocation) is ministry. Whatsoever we do, we should to do it as work for God and service to humanity.

Inside Woman: What do you want the world to know most about Jesus Christ through your music?

Chychy Ayodele: I want the world to know the love and the power of Jesus Christ through my music and in all that I do. I want the world to experience the supernatural power of God to transform any life, to bring Salvation, healing, deliverance, hope, joy and peace in the world. Jesus saves. Jesus heals. Jesus delivers. And Jesus can make everything alright. Every human crisis can end through the love of Jesus Christ.

Inside Woman:  Secular music from Nigeria is growing popular in around the world. Do you see the same happening for the gospel music?

Chychy Ayodele: Well, secular music and gospel music are worlds apart. Although it’s called music industry, gospel music is music ministry. They're not in competition in any way. What the world needs is the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be saved from condemnation and destruction. I expect the Gospel music in Nigeria to break out and break even and break forth and to spread all around the world. Yes, I see gospel music in Nigeria waxing stronger and better in a very powerful way to affect the entire world.

Inside Woman: How important is the spiritual guidance of your spiritual parents?

Chychy Ayodele: I love and respect my mentors and spiritual parents. I value their guidance because they've gone ahead of me in faith. So I listen to them and take wise counsel from them, drawing from their well of wisdom and experience.

Inside Woman:  How would you describe your music to us?

Chychy Ayodele: Music is life. Music is love. Music is power. Music is soul food. My music is purely gospel. I call my music inspirational Gospel. I'm a worshiper and I love worship. I do music to give life, to give hope, to give joy and to inspire God’s faith in others.

Inside Woman: What advice do you have for aspiring artists who may be ministering in the church now, but feel called to be professional artists?

Chychy Ayodele: Every aspiring artist who may be ministering in Church now but feels called to be a professional musician should keep on walking in obedience, in faithfulness and in total commitment to their calling and ministry. When they do this, direction and guidance will come as to how they can walk and fulfil destiny. They must be determined to succeed in life and in the gifts that God has committed into their hands and they will definitely come through to the fulfillment of their desires.

Inside Woman: There have been a lot of changes in the gospel music industry recently. Are you encouraged or cautious about what’s happening in the industry?

Chychy Ayodele: Being a music minister, I'm primarily called into the prophetic ministry. In the prophetic ministry, we discern the heart of God, His plans and desires, listening and interpreting the mind of God. So when there are changes, the first inclination is to discern if it is of God, from God, and for God. No matter what we do, it must be to please God and give Him the glory. Gospel music must not seek to be like secular music or compete with secular artists, or try to copy their production and projections. I'm encouraged and at the same time standing firm in order not to be moved by the crowd but to be the prophetic voice of God,  His plans and purposes at all times.

Inside Woman: What are your words of encouragement for people who may have gifts, talents, desires and dreams but they feel ‘stuck’?

Chychy Ayodele: If they have gifts, talents, desires and dreams but feel stuck they should not stay stuck. They should get right back to God who's the Giver of all gifts, talents, dreams and desires. They will surely receive the strength to move forward with intense passion. They must move fast into all that God has called them to do, turning the pages of their lives by His power and never looking back to the wrong and negative things around them. They can turn their lives around in deep long seasons of prayers and they will have a breakthrough.

Inside Woman: As a married woman what is your advice to single women?

Chychy Ayodele: My advice to single ladies is to desire and seek to be married to a man who fears The Lord. This is the first rule and the most important one.

Inside Woman: As a woman does it matter how you look like on the outside?

Chychy Ayodele: Yes it does matter how I look on the outside. One must look good always representing the Kingdom in fashion too. Keeping a positive outlook and a positive attitude will influence the outward appearance any time. I do care about the outward beauty as much as I dwell more on cultivating and developing inner-beauty. It is also godly and righteous to be elegant and gorgeous, modelling grace and virtue and praise. We can be beautiful on the outside and still be spiritual, spirit-filled and spirit-led.

Inside Woman: Who is your favourite gospel artist and why?

Chychy Ayodele: I do have a few favourite gospel artistes I can't mention them all. I like my brother Sinach, Joepraise, Frank Edwards. I also like Kim Burell, Micah Stamplin, J. Moss and Mali. Yes of course, Cece Winans, Yolanda Adams and Helen Baylor have all inspired me at one time or another while growing up and preparing myself for the ministry, and I still appreciate them.

Inside Woman: Is there anybody in particular whom you have looked up to in the industry?

Chychy Ayodele: I only have one goal and one goal only, and that is to please God first of all at all costs and everything else will follow. Nothing else matters more to me but to seek God, His Kingdom and His righteousness. He makes all other things fall in pleasant places. I don't seek to please man or anyone. Giving God pleasure and glory is my purpose for living. My life as a professional is equally honed in God's hands. He directs me, leads me and He guides. All I do is follow Him without fear or doubt. God said that if a man's ways pleases Him, He makes even His enemies will be at peace with Him. This means that God commands all other things to fall in shape according to His will.

Inside Woman: You have had some personal and professional speed bumps along the way. But those setbacks never stopped you from attaining your goals. What advice do you offer to women who are discouraged by setbacks, professionally or personally, and for those who also face temptations, failures or adversities as Christians women in today’s society?

Chychy Ayodele: Trials, temptations, setbacks, failures or adversities may come your way both personally and professionally, but you must make up your mind in all aggression and determination to turn them into stepping stones and overcome them all. You must speak to yourself in the power of God that nothing can hold you down, or hold you back. And nothing can stop you unless you consent to it. You must be fervent in spirit and be on fire always. It is the easiest way to live the overcoming and victorious life of Christ. My advice is simple and easy too. Don't ever give up, don't give in, don't back down, and don’t turn back. You must fight the good fight of faith. Press on the upward way. You will surely come through stronger and better and more finer. I've been there and I'm telling you to stand and fight for your life. But remember the battle is the Lord's and not yours, that’s why you're winner already.

Inside Woman: What are some of the social responsibility projects you're involved in?

Chychy Ayodele: I preside over an NGO called People of Purpose with focus on youth empowerment, development and leadership skill training. We do this by organising and facilitating seminars, workshops, crusades and conferences. Our purpose is to coach, educate, and empower the youth so that they can come to self-discovery, self-realisation and discover their purpose so as that they can make a positive impact in their communities and globally.
I'm also a member and associate of The PARAWINS International (Paradise Women Support Initiative International). It’s an international NGO for women empowerment, with the vision to ensure that women access developmental benefits, to have a society that guarantees equal access to social, economic and wealth creation and opportunities for all. We want to bring about healthy development of women and children and to add value to their lives and give them a sense of dignity. We also want to act as a moral compass for young women and to promote family values, stand for justice, equity and fairness in all matters that concern humanity in general, etc.

Inside Woman: Where do you feel God is leading you?

Chychy Ayodele: My life says it all. I’m a lawyer, preacher, writer and singer. I like the legal profession because it gives me the ability to be the voice for the voiceless and a helping hand to the helpless, oppressed and down trodden in the society. And I want to bring about equity and justice and oppose corruption and criminality in our society. I'm a voice in God's hands to declare His oracles through these channels: my gifts and talents. And with the Holy Ghost living through me I want to reach out to the body of Christ and to the world. I describe my life and ministry as a prophetess of God who moves in diverse dimensions. I preach the praises of God, His love, His compassion, His power and His greatness to the people of the earth. I declare His Words, His goodness and I speak of all His wondrous works, miraculous and supernatural power. I also want to tell the people of the earth and all the nations that The Lord God reigns.

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