The Power of Praying 3 in1 Collection

This volume contains the complete text of three of Stormie Omartian's best-selling books-The Power of a Praying Wife, The Power of a Praying Parent, and The Power of a Praying Woman. Each of these books will give you insight in communicating with God who longs to strengthen you in your crucial roles of wife, mother, and friend.

Millions of readers the world over have been touched by Stormie Omartian's powerful, encouraging, life-changing books on prayer. Now three of her most popular books for women have been combined into one beautiful hardcover volume, The Power of Praying.

In The Power of a Praying Wife, Stormie encourages women to develop a deeper relationship with their husbands by praying for them. Every woman who desires a closer relationship with her husband will appreciate the life illustrations, select Scripture verses and the assurances of God's promises and power for their marriage.

After decades of raising her children along with her husband, Michael, Stormie looks back at the trials and the joys - and the power found in praying for her kids. The Power of a Praying Parentwill encourage you on your parenting journey, whether your little ones are three or thirty-three.

In The Power of a Praying Woman, Stormie's deep knowledge of Scripture and candid examples from her own prayer life provide guidance for women who seek to trust God with deep longings, cover every area of life with prayer and maintain a right heart before God.

About this author 
Stormie Omartian is the bestselling author of The Power of a Praying® series including: The Power of a Praying® Wife, The Power of a Praying® Parent, The Power of a Praying® Husband, The Power of a Praying® Woman, and The Power of Praying for Change in Your Marriage. Her books have sold over twelve million copies worldwide and earned many prestigious awards.