Our first Mother Eve

The other day, for the first time in the recorded history of the world, three women were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. So while we are still celebrating women, let’s look at the women in the faith who teach us a few lessons about life. In the coming weeks we are going to be looking at 10 different women who are just purely amazing. One of the leading women in the faith is our first mother Eve. Go read Genesis and find out. She's is a fascinating woman. And curiousity like all of us got the better of her.

Eve is the second person that God created after her husband, Adam, and her hometown was the garden of Eden ("place of pleasure or delight).  She was named Eve “because she was the mother of all living beings”. Eve is unique because she is the only one woman who was created from the rib of her husband, not the dust of the earth like her husband or the living creatures.  Because God is fair, Eve was also rule and reign on the earth with her man.  We know that she was deceived by the serpent, but nevertheless she’s still a fascinating character who I would love to meet one day.  

  • First lady of the world

  • First person to have breasts, womb.

  • First wife of a created man

  • First person to give birth

  • First woman to experience the birth pains

  • First woman to have sex (can you imagine how pure that was?)

  • First to be called mother

  • First woman to inspire a man to rhyme. Before there was Jay Z, there was Adam the real hip hop mogul (Genesis 2:23)

  • First woman to have a man leave his family for (Genesis 2:24)

  • First woman to talk to a snake (Genesis 3:1 – 4)

  • First person to be deceived, by a snake nogal #sigh


I’m sure with all of these accolades given to women, Eve is saying “I know what that is like”, lol!


What we can learn from Eve:


  • Be content with the position that God has given you in life.

  • Remember: God does not make mistake. You are born for such a time as this, and God knows what you need.

  • Stop seeking the things of the world but rather seek God first and all this things will be added unto you.

  • Girlfriend no matter how bored you are, never hang with a serpent in your life.

  • Ask God for help. Never make decisions without Him. The Holy Spirit is there to guide you darling.

  • If you are married, make up your mind. Are you going to be a wife or a knife?

  • Get busy with God’s purpose. An idle mind is a dangerous mind.

  • Be faithful to God. Don’t allow this little things (like the fruit of the tree) to get in the way of your relationship with him.

  • Have faith in God. Know that what He has promised you shall come to pass. In due season, God will give you the whole tree.

  • If you’ve missed the mark, don’t play the blame game (Genesis 3:13). Ask God for forgiveness and forgive yourself too.

  • Remember that God can restore that which you’ve lost. In Genesis 4 we read that Eve lost both her sons - Abel through death and Cain through murder. But in Genesis 4:25 we see how God restores all of that through Seth.