Gifted to Serve: Annie Mokoena

God is raising women and men in His Kingdom who are bold, fearless and have selfless faith. Annie Mokoena is one of the many of those daughters of God I’m talking about. We got the opportunity to hear from this beautiful, lovely lady.

Inside Woman: You work for the SABC. What exactly do you do?

Annie Mokoena:  When I joined the SABC in 2003 I only presented news in Sesotho. God opened a whole lot of other doors for me within the SABC. One of them was being in charge of a book slot on the SABC Africa show 180 Degrees. At times I was assigned to go to different African countries to cover stories. More presenting opportunities came and I anchored a current affairs show called At a Glance. SABC International closed down in March 2010. I am now a producer for Leihlo la Sechaba, a current affairs show on SABC2.

Inside Woman: Do you consider your profession a calling? 

Annie Mokoena:  God has given each one of us different gifts and talents. I believe that media has an important role to play in society. My job as a journalist is to educate, inform and entertain South African stories by reporting issues that affect their lives. A take my job as a form of worship. 

Inside Woman: What’s the most rewarding aspect of your career?

Annie Mokoena:  Completing my stories and seeing the outcome they were intended to achieve. 

Inside Woman: When and how did you become a Christian?

Annie Mokoena: I grew up in a Christian family and attended a Catholic school. I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and savior in 1999 at the University of Cape Town (His People Church). This was after I fell pregnant in my first year of study. I was devastated and rejected but Jesus welcomed me and saved my life. I share this testimony everywhere I go to give God the glory for who I am today!

Inside Woman: How do your Christian values help you make decisions at work? 

Annie Mokoena:  I take my work as worship to God and this encourages me to do my job with excellence. It is important to constantly pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me.


Inside Woman: How do you share your faith in the workplace?

Annie Mokoena: God has placed me in this job for a purpose not only to earn a living but to touch lives and share my testimony. Fortunately a lot of people confide in me and share their challenges. Some of them respond positively when I invite them to the church. The best way of sharing one’s faith is through my lifestyle but most importantly telling people that Jesus is behind every success I have.

Inside Woman: You also serve at your home Church. What do you do and why do you serve in a local Church? 

Annie Mokoena: I am part of the worship team. This is an opportunity to praise and worship God. It is a privilege to serve my local church with my gift of singing. Worship touches the heart because it carries messages of God’s love, mercy grace and salvation. I believe in what Rhema Church Randburg stands for, the vision that Pastor Ray has for the church and the best way to show my appreciation is by serving.


Inside Woman: What is the most spiritually renewing aspect of serving and what keeps you going?

Annie Mokoena: The bible tells us that it is more blessed to give than to receive. The little I do add to the bigger picture. Most of all to live a life of worship.

Inside Woman: Why do you think it is important for Christian women to serve within the local Church?

Annie Mokoena: As my pastor would say, God plants you at a local church where your tithe is supposed to go. God also intends for us to use our gifts and talents for the Glory of His name. Serving is obedience to God.  Serving helps us to grow and develop our full potential. Jesus served when He was on earth and as Christians we have to follow His example.

Inside Woman: What would you say to women who are confused about their role in the body of Christ?

Annie Mokoena: The best place to start when you are confused is to go on your knees. Ask God to show you what His plan for your life is.

Inside Woman: Who do you look up to and why?

Annie Mokoena:  There is no particular person I look up to. I learn different things from different people.

Inside Woman: What advice you would give someone who is embarking on a broadcast career?

Annie Mokoena:  Broadcasting is an exciting career and it is very broad. You need to choose your area of interest according to your abilities. Formal training is important and will give you an advantage over other candidates who are competing for same the job. Know the area you want to be involved in (behind the scene, technical or frontline person as in a presenter). Doing what you enjoy most will help you grow in your career.

Inside Woman: What do you think God wants from His beloved daughters?

Annie Mokoena:  God wants His daughters to be obedient and fulfill the plan He has for us. The Purpose of life is to live a purposeful life.

Inside Woman: What’s your favourite scripture in the Bible and why?

Annie Mokoena:  The Book of Psalms inspire me particularly psalm 103, “Praise the Lord my soul! All my being, praise His Holy name”. This scripture helps me not to forget where I come from and what the Lord has done for me.