Gifted to Serve: Nomcebo Shabangu

Every Christian is gifted for ministry. God has given every Christian at least one spiritual gift, and probably more. This section of our magazine is designed to encourage you to use your physical or spiritual gifts for the glory of the Lord.

Name: Nomcebo Shabangu

Occupation: Office Manager

Church Name: Rock of Victory Ministries

Position at Church: A member of the praise team

Tell us a little about yourself: I am God crazy and my life is all about Him. I am a mother to a 6 year old charming Divine.

How long have you been with the Church? 2 years

How did you know for sure that you are called to serve within your local Church? I am one person who is not into observing, I like being involved especially when it comes to the things of God, music to be precise. This is my lifeline, it’s my ministry and I’d do it all to see it successful.

What is the most spiritually renewing aspect of serving and what keeps you going? It’s my passion for the Lord that keeps me going. It’s doing something I love. It’s congregants who come to you at the end of the service and tell me I’m such a blessing etc. Most importantly, being surrounded by spiritually filled children of God.

Gifted to Serve: Nomcebo Shabangu

How important is prayer and studying the Word for a woman serving within the Church? It’s crucial. Prayer is our way of communicating with the Almighty, there’s no other way but through prayer. The Word is what we live by; it’s a guideline and entails the promises of God. For one to be able to excel in life, they ought to know the Word of God so they can be able to speak life to dead situations and so forth. Prayer and the Word are the key source to Christianity.

Why do you think it is important for Christian women to serve within their local Church? Giving back, that’s what I call it. Giving back unto the Lord and contributing in making the work of God a success.

What would you say to women who are wondering about how they fit into the Body of Christ? Do it. Warming the bench every Sunday and being a spectator is not enough; we all have different gifts and talents we can use to contribute in the success of the body of Christ. One can be an usher, one can be a talented dancer and be responsible for spiritual dancing department, and one can offer their legal services to the church. We all belong somewhere, we are all important and the church can never have enough people to serve.

So what would you say to those women who are still searching for His will and what to do next in their life? One can only find answers from no one else but the Lord. He’s a God who answers. Don’t lose heart, keep the faith because the word say it’s by faith, keep pressing on and He’ll surely reveal His will on earth for you.

Which Christian women do you take most of your personal inspiration from—either inside or outside your own church? Ma-Phume, from House of Joy church in Soweto. That’s a mother indeed. She is a God fearing woman and spiritually filled. You see love when she appears and you just can’t help but love her. She contributed so much in my life. She’s such an inspiration.

In one sentence, what do you believe God really wants from his daughters? God wants women who will nurture their kids, their neighbours kids and the community as a whole to be what He (God) wants them to be.

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