Have you taken the time to examine your beliefs?

Dear God: Please remove all lies, deceit and subterfuge from our lives. Order our steps that we may live in truth.

What lies do we tell ourselves?

While many of us spend time deciphering whether or not we should trust someone, can we trust what we believe?

Many of our beliefs are based on things which we have been taught in speech or deed. Have we taken the time to examine our beliefs, values and morals to see if they match up with the truth?

As a child, I was led to believe that not many people called upon God by his name. It caused me to treat others as if they were not walking in “real” relationship with God. Imagine my surprise when I learned that what I had been taught was far from true.

What lies are we holding on to? How have they affected our success?

What blessings have we missed out on in exchange for the comfort of the familiar?

What lies have we passed onto our children in our brokenness?

My mother told me that I would never amount to anything without her. I believed her lie and sabotaged any chance for success until her death. It took a while for me to realize that I only felt free to succeed when she was gone. I’m sure she had no idea the affect those words had on me.

Was she intentionally malicious? Nope.

She was comfortable with that being HER truth.


Lies serve only one purpose: to detract from absolute truth. What truths are we avoiding while holding on to the comfort of one lie or another?

Although the Bible says the truth will set us free, truth is not always easy to face. Especially those “ugly truths.”

We all have those moments in our lives that we’d rather forget. We all have some character flaw that seems to hang on no matter how hard we try. And we all have those moments when we are reminded just how hard change is.

No matter how many people refer to me as a mentor or say encouraging words to me – from time to time I still struggle. Because for more than half of my life I bought into a lie.

But, when confronted with those moments will we be honest with ourselves or will we lie?

Will we tell ourselves that we failed?

Or will we believe the truth of God’s Word that there is sufficient grace for each day?

When faced with the choice of seeing ourselves as God see us – whole and worthy today, what will we believe?

What lies have we held onto that threaten to detract us from the truth of whom God has called us to be?

Every person who said you are not good enough – lied.

Every person who said you will never amount to anything – lied.

Every person who said you were not smart enough – lied.

Every person who said you were not worthy of love – lied.

Even if the liar is you.

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Dear God: Heal the hearts of those who have been hurt by people who follow religionSuncera Johnson aka That Writing Chic is a freelance writer and former freelance producer and editor for MTV Networks.  A former freelance writer for Rolling Out Magazine . She is currently the CEO of http://amassdigital.com   and the author http://DearGodBook.com . She loves the Lord. The rest of her time is spent with her family and writing, writing, writing, and more writing.